#DisinfoChronicle.Kremlin disinformation about the military offensive in Ukraine

#DisinfoChronicle.Kremlin disinformation about the military offensive in Ukraine

25 Лютого 2022

#DisinfoChronicle.Kremlin disinformation about the military offensive in Ukraine

Detector Media collects and documents real-time chronicles of the Kremlin disinformation about the Russian invasion. Ukraine for decades has been suffering from Kremlin disinformation. Here we document all narratives, messages, and tactics, which Russia is using from February 17th, 2022. Reminder: the increasing of shelling and fighting by militants happened on the 17th of February 2022 on the territory of Ukraine. Russian propaganda blames Ukraine for these actions.
#DisinfoChronicle.Kremlin disinformation about the military offensive in Ukraine
#DisinfoChronicle.Kremlin disinformation about the military offensive in Ukraine
Disclosure. Photos of children from Mykolaiv who died as a result of enemy shelling are circulated online, passing them off as victims of the Russian military in Bucha.

A photo of the murdered children is floating around the net, with a caption claiming that they were raped and killed by the Russian military in Bucha. Although the photo is real, the caption is a fake. Texty.org.ua drew attention to it.

The photo shows Ukrainian children killed because of the actions of the Russian army. However, these are not children from Bucha, but from Mykolaiv, who died from shelling back in early March. This photo was published in an article by the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta on March 12. The photo was signed as follows: "Three-year-old Arina Butim lies on the body of her seventeen-year-old sister Veronika Biryukova. In the cold rooms of the Mykolaiv regional forensic medical examiner's office, the bodies lie in several layers. Two sheds were also vacated for the storage of bodies, some of the bodies are lying outside.

Interestingly, the telegram channel NEXTA, which has two million subscribers, accused the Ukrainian media of spreading a fake. In fact, this fake was spread in the local telegram channels of Irpen, Bucha and Gostomel. However, it was promptly removed from all of them, and one channel gave a refutation. It is likely that the fake that these children were killed in Bucha could have been created by Russian propaganda, so that when the lie with the photo is exposed, Ukrainians can claim to be lying about the crimes of the Russian military on our territory. Even though the photo is real and the children really suffered at the hands of the Russian occupiers, such fakes, like any others spread by Russia, are harmful and do not play in our favor.
Disclosure. Kadyrov's men handed out Ukrainian products to Mariupol residents under the guise of humanitarian aid from the Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov Public Foundation.

The other day Ramzan Kadyrov published a video of people in Mariupol handing out humanitarian aid, with a caption stating that the aid was provided by the Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov Regional Public Foundation. - Ukrainian. In particular, the sausage given out is really Ukrainian. This is clear from the Ukrainian inscriptions "Vienna Servilat" and "Doctors' Sausage". The same applies to the flour, the packaging of which bears the inscription "Flour. It is not known where Kadyrov's men got the Ukrainian products and why they distributed them under the guise of Russian humanitarian aid, but after the information that the products were really Ukrainian was circulated, Kadyrov's message was removed.
Fake. Tanks are approaching Mykolaiv, it is planned to be captured in three days.

According to the head of the Mykolaiv regional military administration (OVA) Vitalii Kim, such a claim has been spreading massively in social networks in recent days. However, Kim himself denies such information and says that the situation in Mykolaiv is under control. "We control the entry-exit, we know how many pieces of equipment there are. There are 15-20 of them there. There are battles, but we are not talking about hundreds of tanks. The command "to capture Mykolaiv in three days" - This is panic-mongering. And shelling is also for panic. This is what the enemy wants to achieve. Look at things realistically, analyze. Don't believe the fakes and take care of yourself," said Vitalii Kim.
Message. Ukrainism is a fake. It never existed.

Such a thesis was spread by former Russian President and Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev. The politician's statements about Ukraine were spread by a number of Russian propaganda media. Medvedev said that Ukraine had mentally turned into the Third Reich and once again accused Ukrainians of Nazism. In addition, he added that Ukrainianism is a fake that never existed in history and does not exist now. In fact, the thesis that Ukraine is a state that historically did not exist, and consequently Ukrainians do not exist either, is not new to Russian politicians and propaganda. Russia constantly speculates on our history, claiming that Ukraine is an inferior state that did not exist and has no right to exist, because it has no history, culture, etc., unlike the so-called "great Russian culture. Such theses are beneficial for Russian propaganda, because in this way Russia seems to justify its criminal military actions on the territory of Ukraine, claiming that, firstly, everything Ukrainian is a fake, and secondly, Ukrainians have turned into Nazis.
Exposure. Ukrainians are sent malicious letters with the theme "Information about Russian war criminals".

According to the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection, the attackers use painful for Ukrainians topics, in particular, "parasitize" on information about personal data of the Russians who committed war crimes.

It is reported that Russian hackers send such emails, in particular, to the emails of state bodies of Ukraine. The dangerous e-mails contain an HTML file "Military criminals of the Russian Federation.htm", the opening of which will lead to the creation of a RAR-archive "Viyskovi_zlochinci_RU.rar" on the computer. According to the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection, the archive contains a shortcut file "Military criminals destroying Ukraine (home addresses, photos, phone numbers, pages in social networks).lnk".

The State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection warns that opening the letter will lead to the fact that the attackers will gain remote access to the victim's computer. The activity is associated with the activities of the group UAC-0010 (Armageddon).
Fake. The United States admitted that the events in Bucha were only part of Ukrainian propaganda.

This is the thesis spread by Russian propagandists, citing the words of American political analyst Jim Jatras. According to StopFake, Jim Jatras is one of the regular "talking heads" on Russian propaganda resources RT and Sputnik, and since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Jatras has stated that Ukraine is unlikely to exist as a state, and President Zelenskyy is likely to be president in exile. As the fact checker writes, he also claimed that Russian arguments in this war were more "weighty" and defended the Moscow Patriarchate and spread Russian disinformation about the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. "Thus, Jatras' comments are not something strange, but go along with Russian propaganda narratives about atrocities in Bucha and other cities in the Kiev region found after the region was de-occupied," StopFake fact checkers write. In addition, according to the Center for Countering Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council, Russia continues to use so-called Western experts to spread its propaganda about Ukraine. Among them is former U.S. Army officer David Payne, who has cooperated with the Kremlin for many years. As the Center notes, during Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, this "expert" disseminated theses in the foreign media that "The event should stop supplying weapons to Ukraine so as not to provoke Russia into even more aggression" and "Ukraine should give Russia Crimea and Donbass to avoid World War III." "All of these statements have nothing to do with reality. The Kremlin has been building its propaganda campaign to discredit the civilized world for years, resorting to bribing and recruiting even Western officials," the Center adds.
Fake. Ukraine blocks dozens of foreign civilian ships in its ports.

Russian propaganda is spreading fake reports that Ukraine is allegedly blocking dozens of foreign civilian ships in its ports. According to StopFake, according to the International Maritime Organization, as of March 30, 86 merchant ships and approximately 1,000 sailors are blocked in Ukrainian ports and waters because of the Russian war. Earlier, the International Maritime Organization stated that it is Russia, not Ukraine, that is attacking commercial vessels, merchant ships and search and rescue ships in the Black and Azov seas. US Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman confirmed on 29 March that Russia had attacked civilian foreign ships in the Black Sea. According to her information, Russia also bombed at least three civilian ships that were transporting goods from Black Sea ports.
Messages. The photos and videos from Bucha are a provocation by Ukraine to get help from the West, discredit the Russian army, and derail the peace agreements.

The Russian Defense Ministry, Russian propaganda media, and telegram channels are actively working to justify the situation in Bucha, where at least 400 murdered and tortured residents were found after Russian troops left. Russian propaganda does not have a unified approach for this case, so it spreads completely different messaging and manipulative messages, from versions about staging and fake photos to the version allegedly killed by the Ukrainian military "for the picture" for foreign media. "The Media Detector recorded 18 variations of propaganda messages. Not all of them are related, but all of them are aimed at justifying Russia.

The most popular message promoted by the Russian authorities is a "staging" or "provocation" by the Ukrainian authorities to force the West to give weapons and aircraft, discredit the Russian army, disrupt peace agreements, and incite violence.

Along with this message spread allegedly:

- "not a single civilian was harmed while Russian troops were in town";

- "residents of Bucha were able to leave the city while Russian troops were there";

- "photos of the dead in Bucha were shown only on the fourth day after the Russian troops left";

- "the video from Bucha shows the dead moving their arms and removing their limbs in order to avoid being hit by the wheels of military equipment, and getting up".

Another group of messages is based on a technique that Russia has already tried - shifting responsibility to the Ukrainian defenders. Among other things, they spread the theses that:

- "the residents of Bucha were killed by the local terrorists";

- "the residents of Bucha were killed by artillery fire from the AFU and Azov when they entered the city";

- "there are white bandages on the bodies of the dead - they were used by the Ukrainians";

- "tying hands is the handwriting of the Ukrainian military and terrorists".

Bucha had been under the occupation of the Russian army since the beginning of March, only on April 1 the AFU reported liberation of the city. After Bucha was returned under the control of the AFU, hundreds of dead were found there. These crimes by the Russian military are already referred to as the "Bucha massacre. President Vladimir Zelensky visited Bucha on April 4 and said that Russia committed war crimes and genocide in Ukraine. The European Union accused Russian authorities of committing atrocities.

"Detector Media" urges readers to take care of their mental health and try not to distribute the photos to their acquaintances and loved ones, because the purpose of such activities of the Russians is to terrorize the Ukrainian population. They seek to intimidate and break the spirit to make it harder for Ukrainians to resist.
Manipulation. The Ukrainian Armed Forces used chlorine and phosphorus in Kherson and Luhansk regions.

This thesis is spread by the Russian media and pro-Kremlin telegram channels The Center to Counter Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine warned that another attempt by Russia to prepare an information field to justify war crimes and an attempt to intimidate the population against the background of redeployment of occupation troops to Donbass and the south of Ukraine. "A similar disinformation campaign in the Russian media was recorded on February 27 to spread panic among the population. The enemy reported alleged Ukrainian provocations with phosphorus in Gostomel. On March 25 and April 2, the Kafirs used phosphorus in ORDLO. Then the Kremlin media tried to shift responsibility for the use of banned weapons to the Ukrainian armed forces," the report said.
Manipulation. Mariupol defenders called on Ukrainians to overthrow the government.

Letters are sent to Ukrainians with calls to overthrow the government allegedly from the defenders of Mariupol. The letters come from Volodimir Azov's email volodimir_azov@justiceua.org. "GromadaVostok now" reported that the email was created on March 22, 2022. The domain is registered in Iceland, the registry address is Icelandic Prutnya Museum, and the mail service host is Mexican. The letters are written in Ukrainian, but with a lot of mistakes. In particular, the media drew attention to - "capitalshow", "shanovnyy Anastasiya", "for the sake of" and "po nad use".
Manipulation. The mailing list from "Ukraine" is a fishing attack.

Social networks spread manipulative messages that the mailing from "Ukraine" with a link to mywar.mkip.gov.ua is a phishing attack. "Do not open, delete this in order to obtain data", the purpose of the mailing is "to obtain data (contacts and chats in messengers)" - said in messages that were distributed to Ukrainians in social networks. In fact, the Ukraine account, from which the mailing is performed, belongs to the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection. The website mywar.mkip.gov.ua was created by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine so that citizens could tell their war stories to the world.
Message. The event has been pushing Ukraine toward conflict with Russia for years.

This thesis is spread by telegram channels administered by Russian special services. Pro-Kremlin telegram channels were spreading similar messages about the blame of "the collective West for everything that is happening in Ukraine" even before the full-scale Russian invasion began. In reality, Ukraine is not in "conflict" with Russia, but in war. Russia launched a war against Ukraine in 2014, first by occupying Crimea and then parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions; in 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territories. According to the UN, as of April 3, at least 1,417 civilians had been killed and another 2,038 wounded since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.
Fake. Ukraine carried out nuclear developments to blow up European security.

Russian propaganda spreads a fake map of uranium deposits on Ukrainian territory as if to prove that Ukraine "carried out nuclear developments to blow up European security. The Center for Counteracting Disinformation countered: "Our state has large deposits of various minerals. But their presence is not equal to the presence of weapons of mass destruction which the Kremlin misinforms the population about. The center specified that with such fakes, Russia is trying to prepare an information field to justify its crimes, and is also trying to split the EU and NATO.
Fake.The Russian military is listening to Ukrainians' conversations.

The fake story about Russian troops installing antennas to listen to the phone conversations of Ukrainians is actively spreading in the network again. We already wrote about it and gave a rebuttal. So far there is no confirmation about the installation of such equipment and the possibility of wiretapping the conversations of Ukrainians, reports the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection. Chairman of the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection Yurii Shchyhol said that all such statements turned out to be fakes and part of information and psychological operations, which were intended to intimidate Ukrainians, as well as to make Ukrainians stop reporting information about places of movement of enemy equipment. this is not the only case of spreading misinformation among citizens, previously spreading fakes that Ukrainians would receive phone calls at night from unknown numbers to target for airborne bombing.
Fake. Ukraine hands over blood samples of the "Slavic ethnos" to Germany.

This statement is circulated by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Gennady Gatilov, permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN office and international organizations in Geneva, said: "The documents confirm the fact that Germany is implementing its own military-biological program in Ukraine. Its purpose is to study the potential of deadly diseases, such as Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, in Eastern Europe. Russia has long been misinformed that Ukraine is developing biological weapons. In reality, it is impossible to create "ethnic weapons. First of all, there are no biological (or any other) weapons in the world that affect only a certain ethnic group - science and technology have not advanced that far, and scientists do not expect breakthroughs in this direction in the near future. And no weapon or disease will be able to distinguish the DNA of the Ukrainians from that of the Russians, because the differences, although present, are insignificant: the Europeans are genetically homogeneous and among them there are about four subgroups, which may include representatives of completely different ethnicities (for example, the Baltic peoples, Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and Poles are included in one subgroup). Read more about how Russia misinforms Ukrainians and the world about biological weapons in Gala Sklyarevska's article "How Ukraine (according to Russia) is "preparing biological weapons" from fleas, mosquitoes and lizards.
Fake. Ukraine has admitted that Russia only strikes military facilities and infrastructure.

This was reported in the Russian media, citing a video message from Oleksii Arestovych, advisor to the head of the Ukrainian presidential office, dated March 31. In fact, Arestovych said that there is no need to raise groundless, panic and "not to send out scary messages about a massive Russian strike".

In his thesis, he clarifies that the Russians will not shell not in order to "kill an MP of Ukraine or a journalist," but ""they will hit military-industrial complex facilities, even if they hit them, and infrastructure facilities.

His appeal does not say that Russia is shelling ONLY military infrastructure facilities. Oleksii Arestovych notes that they can hit both "military-industrial complex facilities" and "infrastructure facilities", i.e. it can include not only military but also industrial, social and even civilian infrastructure.

The advisor to the head of the OPU repeatedly noted that the Russian army "deliberately destroys civilian infrastructure". For example, during an April 1 briefing, he said: "The enemy continues to carry out air and missile strikes on critical infrastructure, military industry, military facilities and, unfortunately, continues to destroy residential neighborhoods in Mariupol, Kharkiv, Chernihiv. Chernihiv is a city that the enemy is trying to turn into a "second Mariupol.""
Fake. China organized cyber attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure before Russia invaded.

This was reported by the British edition of The Times, citing "internal documents of the Security Service of Ukraine. SBU spokesman Artem Dekhtiarenko denied the information: The SBU did not provide the media with any official information about cyberattacks from China and has nothing to do with the conclusions made public in the British publication. The State Service for Special Communications and Protection of Ukraine notes that cyber attacks on state information systems and critical information infrastructure facilities in Ukraine are carried out by Russian and pro-Russian hackers.
Fake. The first Ukrainian female pilot, Natalia Perakova, died in combat.

Such information spread in social networks. The command of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine denied information about the death of a talented fighter pilot Natalia Perakova. This was reported by the press service of the Command of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Fake. US will send former Afghan National Army soldiers to Ukraine.

This is reported by the Kremlin media, citing its own sources. This is not true. The U.S. is not talking about any use of Afghans as a military force and is not planning to send American troops to Ukraine.

The Afghan National Army (ANA) disbanded in 2021 after NATO troops withdrew from Afghanistan and Taliban fighters entered the Afghan capital. Some Afghan soldiers were evacuated to the U.S., while others joined the Taliban or fled to neighboring countries.

On February 19, 2022, the U.S. reported that all evacuated Afghans had left McGuire-Dix Lakehurst Base, where they had been temporarily housed. There are indeed suggestions in the U.S. that an Afghan Legion could be formed from those willing to serve in the U.S. Army. But experts say that to be eligible for service in the U.S. armed forces, Afghans do not meet one of the basic requirements - that recruits must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States. So there is no discussion of using the Afghans as a military force in the United States at this point.

The U.S. is not going to send American troops to Ukraine, as President Joe Biden has repeatedly pointed out. Throughout Russia's war against Ukraine, the U.S. has been providing Ukraine with all kinds of military and medical assistance.
Fake. A third of the refugees from Ukraine in France are migrants from Africa.

This is the claim of the French far-right politician Erika Zemmour, whose words are actively circulated in the Russian press. In fact, the leader of the Reconquista political party and candidate for the French presidency in 2022 is lying. Like his party colleague Marion Maréchal, back in early March she said that among the refugees from Ukraine "one-third are Africans and natives of North Africa". She, in turn, referred to an article in the newspaper Figaro, where the only anonymous source of the publication gave similar data. But according to the official statistics of the French Interior Ministry, of 26,000 people who arrived in France before March 31 as refugees from the war with Russia, less than 5% are not "Europeans". This data is given by the French radio RTL, which conducted its own fact-checking of the statements of far-right politicians. The article does not specify who these people are - foreign students who evacuated to Europe or citizens of Ukraine.
Fake. Ukraine has no intention to comply with Geneva Convention.

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service and numerous Russian media have spread false information that allegedly Ukraine has informed Great Britain that it does not intend to comply with the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war. the speaker of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Oleh Nikolenko, denied this fake:

"Russian intelligence does not stop spreading disinformation. Earlier it created fakes about allegedly thousands of Ukrainians seeking asylum in Russia, about inhumane treatment of Russian prisoners of war, about "workers" of Azovstal who "ask" to join the ranks of the Russian invading army. The SVR's claim about the Geneva Convention is another such fake," Nikolenko wrote on Facebook.

The purpose of the fake is to discredit Ukraine in the eyes of international humanitarian structures, says Nikolenko and reminds that Russia itself, unlike Ukraine, violates international law.
Fake. Azovstal employee asked to join the Russian army to take revenge on Azov.

The Russian media spread a staged video in which an Azovstal employee in Mariupol allegedly talks about the "tyrants" from Azov, to whom he is going to take revenge for being left without a home. He also passionately thanks Vladimir Putin and intends to join the Russian army or police. According to the Center for Strategic Communications at the ICMP, Azovstal's personnel department denied that a man with this name and surname has never worked at the company. The Mariupol City Council called the man in the video an "actor".

Earlier, the Hrati newspaper reported that Mariupol residents forcibly deported to Russia upon arrival to the occupied territories are sent to filtration camps. There, they are photographed, fingerprinted, and their phone data is copied by FSB officers. The Russian publication Mediazone published proof that the video of the girl recounting Azov's crimes against civilians in Mariupol was recorded by an FSB officer and distributed to Russian media with the requirement not to specify the source of the video. The Russian media published it for their materials. The girl in the video also thanked Putin.
Fake. Ukrainian terrorists created "flying death squads" in bandermobiles.

Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev, the head of Russia's National Defense Control Center, spewed another batch of fakes at a briefing. He claimed that "nationalist battalions" in Kharkiv are taking cars from the population, converting them into "bandermobiles" - and driving them around the city as "flying death squads." Mizintsev claims that the nationalists are randomly firing large-caliber machine guns at residential buildings, while civilians are hiding from them in basements. He also stated that it is impossible to leave Kharkov because the nationalist battalions are using the city's residents as human shields. "There is a critical humanitarian situation in the city," he added.

In fact, Kharkov residents are hiding in basements from artillery and bombing by the Russian army, it is still possible to evacuate from the city, the only reason for the humanitarian crisis is the invasion of Russian troops, and there are no bandermobiles.
Message. Wikipedia is allegedly lying about Russia's "special operation" in Ukraine.

Censorship in Russia is trying to block almost the only resource that is still delivering truthful information about the war against Ukraine. That is why yesterday Roskomnadzor reported that it made a protocol on the Russian Wikipedia for not removing "unreliable information" about the war against Ukraine. On March 29, for the second time, Roskomnadzor demanded that Russian Wikipedia remove the article "Russian Invasion of Ukraine (2022)." The Roskomnadzor press service called it "false content aimed at misinforming Russian users" - because the article indicated the number of dead and wounded Ukrainian civilians, with references to UN data, as well as the number of destroyed Russian soldiers (according to the General Staff of the AFU), and also for the fact that the article calls the war a war. It was authored by Russian wikipedist Oleg Yunakov; the article was viewed 5 million times in the first week after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

For refusal to remove this article, Roskomnadzor is threatening Wikipedia with a fine of 4 million rubles (about $50,000), and almost from the beginning of the war the agency is also threatening to block Wikipedia in Russia.

Earlier, it was reported that a well-known Russian wikepedist Mark Bernstein was detained for 15 days in Belarus for allegedly resisting the police. His personal data, as well as hundreds of other Russian wikepedists after the war are published by anonymous telegram channels to put pressure on them. The Center for Countering Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine reports that Russian authorities and propagandists are discrediting Wikipedia in order to convince the public that any information about the war in Ukraine is fake.
Manipulation. Since early March, Russian leaders, including Defense Minister Shoigu and President Putin, have repeatedly stated that at least 16,000 volunteers from the Middle East have signed up to participate in the liberation movement in the Donbass against Ukraine.

Putin especially stressed that they were not doing it for money. The BBC Arabic Service found out that Russia has deployed 14 recruitment centers in Syria to send Syrians to the Donbass. Eighty percent of them go to Ukraine to feed their families: All of those who agreed to tell journalists about themselves said they were going to their deaths, but saw no other way to feed their families in the war-torn country. Many of them have no combat experience, and none of them go to Ukraine "for the sake of the idea" - only for money, meaning they are mercenaries, not volunteers. The groups that recruit mercenaries offer 1,500 euros per month (other publications say $300 per month). Even earlier it became known that Syrian generals sabotaged the sending of regular units of their army to Ukraine, although representatives of the Russian army insist on it.
Manipulation. Ukraine's successes on the ground are enough to win.

According to the Command of the Air Forces of the AFU, such information is spread in the media and social networks. They say that Ukraine does not need to close the sky, because our forces are already enough to win. In fact, this is a manipulation, because the advantage in the air is a decisive factor in this war.

"'Airspace control has played a key role in all wars since World War II. Air dominance is quick and precise strikes on enemy troops, centers of their logistics support and other important objects, it is an extremely powerful fire support for our own ground troops and naval forces," the Air Force Command of the AFU said in a statement.
Manipulation. Russia completes its "special operation" on the territory of Ukraine. Such information is spread in the media and social networks against the background of the partial "withdrawal" of Russian units from the territory of Kyiv and Chernihiv regions. In such messages, the enemy claims that allegedly in the near future the special operation on the territory of Ukraine will be completed because Russia and Ukraine have reached agreements.

According to the Center for Countering Disinformation, such information cannot be considered true, because Russia is not "withdrawing" troops: the Kafirs are fleeing because they received stiff resistance from the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainians. "In addition, the enemy is overturning its forces to the Donbass and is preparing to deliver a crushing blow to the territory of our country from there. Secondly, no agreements have been reached between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. All the stories about the alleged end of the "special operation" are just an attempt to avoid further implementation of sanctions against the aggressor country. In fact, the Kafirs are trying to organize incomprehensible structures on the temporarily seized territories and introduce the ruble into circulation there," the Center said in a statement.
Message. The U.S. and NATO are to blame for the so-called "crisis" in Ukraine.

This assertion is promoted by Russian propaganda media and pro-Russian TV channels. Such reports state that the so-called crisis in Ukraine came about because of U.S. and NATO policies, which allegedly "pumped weapons into Ukraine" in circumvention of agreements and laws. In reality, there is no crisis in Ukraine, as Russian propagandists call it, but a full-fledged war in which military and civilians are being killed. It was Russia, not the United States or NATO, that unleashed the war in Ukraine. As ZMIST fact-checkers, who pointed out this message, wrote, this is how Russia tries to justify its war crimes. "Again we see the transfer of responsibility to others. It's not NATO and the U.S. that have stormed into Ukraine. It's not NATO and the US destroying Ukrainian cities. It's not NATO and the US killing Ukrainian men, women and children. This is all Russia's doing," the message reads.
Fake. On March 31, Lviv Region received a missile strike.

Such messages circulated en masse in social networks during the air raid in the evening of March 31. People spread information like explosions and shelling. However, there was no shelling, said the head of the Regional Military Administration (OVA) of Lviv region Maxim Kozitsky.

"As it turned out, in one of the localities of the region workers of a gas extraction tower produced a controlled release of adjacent gases. During the release, a sound similar to an explosion was heard. There was also a partial fire. These events coincided with the announcement of an air alert," the Center for Strategic Communications reports with reference to the head of the Lviv OVA."
Fake. The Ukrainians are developing a modification of the Turkish Bayraktar UAVs with an aerosol virus sprayer.

This is the information disseminated by Russian propaganda media. The reports claim that the Ukrainian Motor Sich Concern is developing the new bayraktars. They add that such devices will spray viruses from the air. ""In fact, we are talking about the development by the Kiev regime of means of delivery of biological weapons with the possibility of use against Russia,"" the reports say.

However, this is not true. As Ukrainska Pravda writes, no documentary or visual evidence of such a request has been cited in Russian propaganda. However, the activity of the so-called biolaboratories Russian propaganda recently cited as another reason for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. You can read more about the so-called biolaboratories at the link."
Fake. Ukrainian refugees in Germany littered the train and graffitied it.

A video is floating on social networks that shows as if refugees from Ukraine have defaced a German train. In the video, a man from Germany complains that the Ukrainians left a lot of garbage in the cabin of the train and painted the walls with graffiti and pasted all kinds of stickers. However, according to VoxCheck, this is a fake. The train was not carrying refugees from Ukraine, but soccer fans. Read more.
Message. The Ukrainian authorities are causing a famine in the state.

According to the Center for Counteracting Disinformation, this is the message spread by Russian propagandists who claim that the Ukrainian government seeks to starve Ukrainians to death and remove grain from the country. The propagandists also assure that "food security of Ukraine is under threat," "disruption of the sowing season and military operations will lead to starvation in Ukraine. According to the Center's report, these theses were invented by the Russian UN office.

"Humanitarian problems are in the temporarily occupied territories, where the enemy does not allow humanitarian supplies. In Ukraine, the Kremlin's famine message is promoted by the sub-sanctioned Telegram channel "Country Politics" and pseudo-expert Dmytro Vasilets (the "State" party, whose activities have been stopped by the decision of the NSDC)," the Center explains and adds that in fact Ukraine has supplies for domestic consumption for at least 2 years.
Fake. The Russian military killed Ukrainian sniper Olena Bilozerska.

The Russian media spread a report about the murder of Ukrainian sniper Olena Belozerskaya. A video is added to the reports, showing the body of some woman dressed in civilian clothes. In fact, Olena Bilozerska is alive. "Who died is unknown. It looks like a civilian," Olena Bilozerska wrote on her Facebook.
Message. Russia plans to lead the new world order.

According to the Center for Counteracting Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Russia continues to use recruited foreign politicians to form a mistaken public opinion about its own power. According to the report, experts record the promotion of the thesis that a new world order is now being formed, which, according to experts, will be led by Russia, China and India.

"The foreign experts include former Brazilian President Lula da Silva as well as Kremlin mouthpiece political analyst Rafael Ordukhanian. Putin's media rhetoric indicates that Russia expects sanctions to ease in the near future. This is probably why the Kremlin is making statements about the partial withdrawal of Russian troops in the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions," the Center says. They add that all these statements are manipulation and because none of the previous Kremlin ultimatums have been executed, the enemy is trying to mislead the international community. That is why they talk about the completion of the offensive operation in the north of Ukraine.
Manipulation. Ukrainian schoolchildren are learning fake history.

Russian propagandists disseminate the thesis that a fake history has been created for Ukrainian children. They draw such conclusions from the statements of Russian specialists who allegedly conducted a study and found that more than 300 Ukrainian textbooks contain false, fake historical facts. As ZMIST fact-checkers, who pointed out these reports, write, Russian propagandists complain that the modern Ukrainian educational system has been stripped of the remnants of Soviet propaganda and presents students with real historical facts.

For example, the Russian education minister said in a statement that Ukrainian schoolchildren are even "deprived of the opportunity to know that they can be proud of the shared history of Ukraine and Russia and figures like Yuri Gagarin" or proud of the feat of "common victory." "The argument about the 'inability to know about Yuri Gagarin' makes no sense at all, because the two most important people in the Soviet space program, the people who enabled Gagarin's flight - the Korolyov and Glushko - were Ukrainians, and whole sections of Ukrainian history textbooks are devoted to them," write ZMIST fact checkers. Ukrainian textbooks also have sections devoted to World War II. However, there are also sections about the crimes of the Soviet government against Ukraine and the Ukrainians. For example, we are talking about the subject of the Holodomor.
Manipulation. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba initiated a ban on the use of the letter Z.

Russian media and telegram channels have spread information that Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba is calling on the world to ban the Latin letter Z because it symbolizes Russian war crimes. However, this is not true. Dmytro Kuleba did speak out about the letter Z, but in his tweet he suggested criminalizing the use of the letter Z as a symbol of support for the Russian invasion: "Z symbolizes Russian war crimes, bombed cities, thousands of murdered Ukrainians. Public support for this barbarism should be banned," the minister wrote. As the ZMIST fact checker wrote, no one suggests banning the letter itself, it is a blatant manipulation of Russia, which has the discredit of Ukraine's official representatives.
Fake. Most IT professionals have left Ukraine.

This thesis is spread by the Russian propaganda media, allegedly referring to the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. In such statements, the propagandists claim that three-quarters of all IT specialists in Ukraine - 200,000 - have left Ukraine since hostilities.

As StopFake writes, this is not the case. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the IT Ukraine Association, more than 70% of IT professionals work in safe regions of Ukraine, and another 16%, mostly women, work abroad. These data are generally confirmed by a survey conducted by the profile portal DOU: 61% of surveyed IT professionals moved to a safer place - 46% within Ukraine, and another 14% went abroad.
Fake. The Ukrainian military uses the synagogue in Uman as a shelter.

Russia's Defense Ministry has spread a fake that the Ukrainian military allegedly uses as a shelter for a synagogue in Uman. Russian propagandists also spread a photo where the military allegedly took weapons and ammunition from the synagogue.

The United Jewish Community of Ukraine has refuted this fake, saying that all synagogues and Jewish sites in Ukraine are used exclusively for their intended purpose, to carry out religious activities, or to help members of Jewish communities and the local population. "Even based on a photo published for provocative purposes, it is evident that the synagogue gates are closed, and no one is in it. The Rabbi Nachman Foundation in Uman confirms that the second-largest synagogue in Ukraine was closed from Rosh Hashanah (celebrated in September 2021) and has not been used since," the statement said.
Fake. Russian troops took “Azov” soldiers prisoner.

Andriy Biletskyi, “National Corps” leader, debunked the fake of Russian propaganda that Kostyantyn Nemichev and Serhiy Velychko, battalion commanders of Kharkiv division of territorial defense of “Azov”, were taken prisoners. They recorded a video-answer for the occupants from Kharkiv where they called on Russians to surrender.
Fake. Kadyrov is in Mariupol.

Chechnya Leader Ramzan Kadyrov told that he is in Mariupol. However, on March 28, pro-russian groups shared a photo where Kadyrov, surrounded by numerous guards, is praying at Pulsar gas station that belongs to Rosnafta. There are no such gas stations in Ukraine.
Fake. Freezing assets of Russia’s central bank by the U.S. threatens the dollar status being a reserve currency. Other countries are switching to yuan.

In fact, the dollar share in the international reserves on average has been decreasing by 0.5 % during decades. Central banks indeed diversify the reserves but only a quarter of this money goes to China. The economists prognose speeding up reserve diversification, however, inflow in yuan is not expected.
Fake. Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine lied about falsity of videos where Ukrainian side tortures russian prisoners of war.

Pro-russian telegram channels started to spread the information about the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine being caught in a lie. It goes about the statement in which the Commander-in-Chief debunked the information about torturing russian prisoners of war and called the videos fake.

Also, the messages in telegram channels say that the statement is false because Oleksiy Arestovych, advisor to the head of the office of the president of Ukraine, confirmed that those videos are not fake but true. In fact, according to the fact checkers from ZMIST, Arestovych did not confirm the videos being real but commented that there will be an investigation and if the incident on video turns out to be verified, the guilty will be punished. Also, both officials ensured that the Armed Forces of Ukraine adhere to the norms of international humanitarian law.
Exposing. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green accused Ukraine of Nazism and torture of civilians.

Information about this is spreading in pro-Russian telegram channels by re-posts from the channel of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green from Georgia.

According to ZMIST fact-checkers, the congresswoman accused Ukraine of torturing civilians and Nazism. In her tweets, she refers to a selection of videos in which Troy and ordinary people punish looters by tying them to poles and beating their asses. "The selection itself was presented by a propaganda account, which repeats Russian propaganda word for word and does not provide context for the video. Marjorie Taylor reiterates Russia's propaganda and demands an end to Ukraine's support. But it should be noted that Taylor has repeatedly made contradictory statements, publicly supported the most bizarre conspiracy theories, called for weapons to stop vaccinations against coronavirus - all to attack Democrats and President Biden, so do not trust her words," - said in a statement.
Fake. Thanks to the invasion of Ukraine, the Russians saved tens of thousands of Donbas residents.

Russian propagandists promote the thesis that the so-called "special operation" "saved" tens of thousands of Donbas residents. According to StopFake, the Kremlin claims that the "special military operation" of the Russian army allegedly disrupted the offensive of Ukrainian troops on the so-called "DPR" and "LPR," which, in turn, saved tens, if not hundreds of thousands of civilians Donbas, who the Kyiv regime has methodically shot for the last eight years.

Ukraine did not plan any "large-scale offensive" in the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. "Russia's full-scale offensive in Ukraine has already killed thousands of civilians, including 143 confirmed children. Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts are at the epicenter of hostilities, which have already led to hundreds of deaths, and the bombed-out city of Mariupol has become an illustration of how Russia "saves" and "liberates" Donbas, "the fact-checkers write.
Fake. Yesterday the Ukrainian side disrupted the evacuation of civilians in the Summy and Zaporizhzhya regions.

Those statements are spread by russian propagandists in mass media and social networks stating that on March 28 the Ukrainian side started fire from small arms and mortars in the Summy and Zaporizhzhya directions, disrupting the evacuation of civilians.

According to the Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, this is not true as there were no humanitarian corridors on that day. “Iryna Vereshchuk, the minister for Reintegration of the Temporary Occupied Territories claimed that due to the security reasons on March 28, 2022 the humanitarian corridors will not be open”, the center reports.
Fake. In the Netherlands, Ukrainians beat a russian-speaking kid.

The social media and Russian mass media are spreading the information that in the Netherlands, in Rijswijk, Ukrainians beat a russian-speaking kid. In particular, they share a video which says that a woman reported to the police about beating up her 6 year old kid and this happened while chanting “For Ukraine!”

According to StopFake, the Dutch police denied this incident in their comments for StopFake. Also, there is no information about such a case in the local mass media.
Fake. Ukrposhta (Ukrainian National Post Service) Became Part of “Post of Russia” Joint Stock Company.

Ukrposhta website informs that their partners and clients received letters about the service becoming a part of “Post of Russia”. However, this is not true. Ukrposhta claims that this is Russia’s informational war and not a single word is true in the letters.

“We understand that after Ukrposhta stopped all collaboration with the “Post of Russia” and also urged member countries of Universal Postal Union to properly respond to Russia’s actions, the Russian postal service got offended.We officially inform, Ukrposhta continues to work. We reopen our departments, deliver parcels, pay pensions, and sell products. We do everything we did last month and 30 years before that. Also, Ukrposhta does not deliver from and to the aggressor countries - Russia and Belorussia.
Exposing. The fake account of the Volyn 14 separate mechanized brigade appeared in the telegram.

This was written on page "14 separate mechanized brigade named after Prince Roman the Great", writes the fact-checking project Liar.

The team is asked to complain about the fake channel: https://t.me/ombr_14. "Please go to this channel and complain so as not to give the enemy the opportunity to slander the name of the Prince's Brigade and spread fakes!" We hope for your help and support!" — it is said in the message.
Fake. Explosives are thrown on the streets of Lviv.

This information appeared on social networks. Such posts publish photos of the explosives, but the photo does not show where it is. Also, photos are signed with words that the explosive can "tear off a hand on an elbow".

However, this is a fake. The Lviv Region Police said that the information about the explosives thrown in Lviv was untrue. Svitlana Dobrovolska, a spokeswoman for the Lviv Region police, told the local newspaper 032.ua about this.
Fake. Odesa Opera Theater is mined.

Social media circulates the information about mined Odesa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet. Vladyslav Nazarov, “South” operational command officer, drew the attention to this information.

However, this is not true. “For many years Russia has been disseminating fakes and propaganda about Ukraine. After their full scale invasion, the number of fakes has skyrocketed. With this another informational attack about Odesa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet being mined, the russian nazis aim to disorient Ukrainians, bring panic and dispair, and to cover up their agressive intentions towards the objects of cultural heritage of Ukraine,” Nazarov writes.
Fake. Russian special forces killed Canadian sniper in Mariupol.

Social media actively circulate information that Wali, the Canadian sniper, was killed by Russian special forces 20 minutes after the active combat operations in Mariupol.

However, this is not true. According to VoxCheck, the sniper debunked the information about his own death on March 14 and 22, 2022. “The Canadian sniper who goes by the name Wali is a former member of the Armed Forces of Canada and he is currently fighting on the Ukrainian side. In the beginning of March 2022, he joined the “international” legion of territorial defense of Ukraine. On March 14, 2022 he debunked the information about his death on his Facebook. He informed that for some time he was in Kyiv oblast and later retreated to a safe place because he was sick,” fact checkers say.
Fake. Fire broke out near Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

This information has been shared in social media and some mass media saying about massive fires in the exclusion zone.

However, this is not the case.The State Emergency Service of Ukraine informs that as of March 28, 7:57 according to the satellite images there’s no evidence of thermal emissions, fires or ignition in the exclusion zone.
Fake. Biden criticized the actions of the Ukrainian government.

Russian propagandists are spreading this message en masse online. They quote US President Joe Biden in publications that allegedly say that Ukraine has done too little to defend itself. "We talked for three months about the Russian attack; the Ukrainian authorities ignored us. 28 (remember this number), that's how many reports we passed to the Ukrainian side, and we were called panickers," — network users quoted the US president.

Biden did not say this phrase during his speech in Warsaw or in other public speeches. The StopFake team analyzed public speeches and transcripts of meetings with the US President's press from February 24 to March 26, 2022, and found no such statements.
Fake. Russia has captured or blocked major Ukrainian cities.

Russian media, citing the General Staff of the Russian Federation, spread the fake that the Russian army allegedly completely blocked Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy and Mykolayiv. Similar messages are sent to Ukrainian users, but with an expanded list of allegedly captured cities — "Sumy, Zhytomyr, Poltava, Vinnytsia, Melitopol, Bila Tserkva, Zaporizhzhia", as well as "Kirovograd" and "Kropyvnytskyi" (in fact, these are two names of the same city) and others. Russia has not captured, blocked or controlled any major and strategic city in Ukraine. The Ukrainian military counterattack repulses the occupiers at all points near Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, and Sumy. Western special services are also recording the Armed Forces' success in the south of the country.

Also, in the messages sent to users, they write about "the destruction of 13 bio laboratories on the territory of Ukraine", "about the bio laboratory at Zmiiny", and so on. Fake about bio labs MediaSapiens has denied before.
Fake. Rustem Umerov was poisoned.

Member of Parliament of Ukraine and one of the participants in the talks between Ukraine and Russia, Rustem Umerov, denied reports of his alleged poisoning. "I am just fine. Please do not trust unverified sources of information. The information war in our country is actively continuing," he said on Facebook.
Fake. Ukrainian military mocks Russian POWs.

The Russian occupiers shoot staging videos of such scenes. The Center reported this for Strategic Communications and Information Security. However, this is a fake. The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny, said that the enemy was doing this to discredit the defence forces of Ukraine. He added that the military of the Armed Forces and other legitimate military formations strictly adhere to the norms of international humanitarian law.
Manipulation. The slogan "No War" was coined by the Nazis.

This information is spread by Russian propagandists, who claim that the well-known pacifist slogan "No War" is, in fact, "Nazi". In particular, such a statement was made by "expert on strategic communications" Trofim Tatarenkov.

According to the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council, he claimed that this slogan "echoes" the slogan on Nazi leaflets thrown in besieged Leningrad, and the Ossetian slogan always sounded like "We are for peace" and "No war" is that propagated by the Nazis. However, this is not true. According to the Center, the content of Soviet-era anti-war propaganda posters was based mainly on the slogan "No War." However, they were against the "wars of aggression of the US imperialists."
Fake. Ukrainian media spread fake photos of a wounded girl from Mariupol.

That's what Russian propagandists say. This is a picture from the children's hospital in Zaporizhzhia, which shows a 13-year-old girl Milena, who was evacuated from Mariupol. After receiving a bullet wound to the jaw, she was placed in a medical coma.

However, Russian propagandists claim that the photo does not show a wounded girl from Mariupol. "Ukrainian media are spreading this photo with a description that it is a hospital in Zaporizhia, where the wounded are brought from Mariupol. However, the affected civilians from Mariupol are constantly being taken to hospitals in Russia and the "DPR". Other refugees from this city are leaving for these territories, "the propagandists write. According to StopFake, this statement is not valid. The injured girl in the photo lying by the barricaded window was evacuated from Mariupol to the Zaporizhzhia Children's Hospital. This photo by William Keo appeared on March 20 on the French website Liberation in a report from the Zaporizhzhia hospital. The article is about children and teenagers who managed to be taken out of the besieged Mariupol.
Fake. The UN has supported the genocide in Ukraine.

Russian propagandists spread this thesis. This is how they reacted to the UN's refusal to adopt a humanitarian resolution on Russia.

According to StopFake, the Russian media reacted immediately to the extraordinary special session of the United Nations dedicated to the invasion of Ukraine, which started on March 23. During the UN Security Council, the countries rejected Russia's "humanitarian" resolution, which the Kremlin allegedly promoted to "protect the civilian population" of Ukraine. Russia's envoy to the UN, Vasyl Nebenzya, said the Kremlin document "was directed against the terror of the Ukrainian government against its citizens." He also added that "the absence of a humanitarian resolution will allow the Ukrainian side to continue to ignore the requirements for a ceasefire to remove people through humanitarian corridors." Commenting on the UN's refusal to adopt a Russian resolution, Russian experts said that "the UN has blessed the genocide in Ukraine." In fact, according to fact-checkers, the UN refused to adopt the resolution because it was Russia that started the war in Ukraine and began bombing civilian targets, killing civilians and creating a humanitarian catastrophe on Ukrainian territory.
Fake. The Hajibey Dam has been mined and is planned to be blown up.

Russian propagandists write that the head of the Odessa regional military administration, Maxym Marchenko (whom propagandists call the "Nazi governor"), allegedly ordered the mining of the Khadzhibey Dam. Fake reports about the mining of the Hadzhibey Dam say that "a closed meeting was allegedly held in Odesa, at which Maksym Marchenko ordered sappers to mine the Hadzhibey Dam. In case of an active attack of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation from Mykolaiv or a city siege, the dam will be blown up. To the objection of the representative of the water utility and the Ministry of Emergencies that the water will very quickly reach a densely populated area located in the lowlands and it will be difficult to pump it out, the governor said that the blast would be attributed to Russian saboteurs".

According to StopFake, Sergiy Bratchuk, a spokesman for the operational headquarters of the Odessa OVA, denied this statement and pointed out that the sources of this information belong to the Russian units of the IPSO.
Message. The Ukrainian authorities and the media are totally misinforming citizens.

Anonymous telegram channels controlled by the Russian secret services regularly repeat that the state of affairs at the front is totally different from what we see on television or hear from the authorities. However, anonymous telegram channels do not give any examples.

Read more about the peculiarities of informing in wartime in the column by Otar Dovzhenko.
Fake. Ukraine does not pay salaries to the military.

Anonymous telegram channels claim that the Ukrainian military does not receive a salary. They explain that the salary can be obtained only on the card of PrivatBank because it seems that the Minister of Defense Reznikov has a "rollback". According to anonymous people, only "alcoholics and homeless people" are recruited to the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defence, and other military formations, and they do not have a card and are paid accordingly.

However, this is not true. First, PrivatBank is a state-owned company, so PrivatBank and Oschadbank operate various types of government payments. Secondly, all those who join the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defence and other military formations before the start of service undergo all the necessary paper procedures, including registration of a special card for this type of state payment. Thirdly, not everyone has received their salary yet, as a significant part of the military has served in the Armed Forces and the Troika for less than a month.
Fake. Territorial defence ranks are replenished by "alcoholics and homeless people."

This fake is part of a narrative about discrediting the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defence and other military formations. The Ministry of Defense states that territorial defence ranks are replenished with volunteers with relevant experience. Moreover, they claim that tens of thousands of willing men and women are precisely waiting for their turn because they are recruiting people with the relevant military speciality as units, and all kinds of support are deployed.
Message. "Poland will bring troops to Ukraine?".

Telegram channels administered by Russia's intelligence services are speculating on the US president's visit to Poland. They take various quotes from Biden and other politicians who allegedly claim that Poland, despite NATO's refusal, is still sending troops to Ukraine. Propagandists do not speak unequivocally but only speculate and push.

Fake. Russia captured Mariupol and hoisted its flag on the city's main building.

According to the Patrol Police of Ukraine, such information is disseminated by Russian propaganda media. However, this is not true. "The occupiers do not control the city; they just arranged a photo session near the district prosecutor's office building in the Left Bank district. This area is separated from the central part of the city by a river and the industrial zone of the Azovstal plant. Policemen, fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, the Territorial Defense give a worthy rebuff to the invaders and continue to defend the city heroically," the statement reads.

Manipulation. All Ukrainians will receive financial assistance in connection with the war.

Telegram channels spread information that the government had approved a certain amount of payments to each Ukrainian during the war. According to the fact-checking project "Liar", in particular, the reports were published by the channels "All about the war" and "News of Ukraine 24/7".

However, this is a manipulation, as the authors of the reports note that it seems that the Ukrainian government has approved a certain monthly amount of cash benefits that all citizens will receive without exception. Some publications have stated that the number of payments will depend on the age group of people. There are several of them. Volodymyr Zelensky announced a large-scale program of assistance to Ukrainians, covering three main areas: money, housing, and work. However, according to the official statement of the authorities, it will apply to those citizens who were forced to leave their homes due to the fighting, and not all, without exception, Ukrainians.
Fake. The Russian occupiers captured Raisins.

Such information is spread by Russian propaganda. However, this is not true. According to the head of the youth and sports department of the Izium City Council, Maksym Strelnyk, the enemy is spreading this due to the lack of military success on the Izium front.

"It's a lie. Our army heroically defends Raisins and does not allow the enemy to enter the southern part of the city. The demarcation line now runs along the Seversky Donets River. Still, with the help of local collaborators, the Russian occupiers learned about the ford across the river and are now able to reach the southern shore. However, our defenders immediately meet them and send them all to hell," the statement reads. Information about the fake was also confirmed by the head of the Kharkiv OVA, Oleh Synegubov.
Message. Ukraine's allies have separatist plans for the territory of our state.

According to the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council, the materials of the opposition to the Putin regime refer to allegedly separatist plans of the Ukrainian allies regarding the territory of our state. In particular, such reports refer to the danger of the introduction of peacekeeping missions on the territory of Ukraine, as it seems to end with the "division of the territory of Ukraine" - the rollback of the territories to the state of 1939.

"Among the countries that, like Russia, seem to infringe on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, pro-Kremlin pseudo-analysts call Hungary, Romania and even Poland. After the de facto defeat of a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine and unsuccessful attempts to hold pro-Russian rallies in Serbia, Bulgaria, Armenia, and Syria, the enemy proceeded to unsuccessful demonization of individual countries. Information infusions of this kind only show that the Russian disinformation and propaganda ecosystem continues to fail, "the Center said in a statement.
Exposing. Russian propagandists produce fake videos at Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

On March 24 state enterprise “National Nuclear Energy Generating Company “Energoatom” reported that the group of russian propagandists producing fake stories about plant operation was brought to the seized Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant. “Energoatom” is convinced that the russians might make those stories to persuade International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in “nuclear terrorism being “normal” and to hide the real situation with the radiation leak and environmental pollution.”
Manipulation. Nations of different countries support Russia’s war against Ukraine.

This information is being disseminated by Kremlin propagandist media. In particular, they publish articles with the headlines “Rally Held in New-York in Support of Russia”. “The protesters were carrying posters “Russia is not enemy for us! NATO and Ukrainian nazi are!”, the articles say.

However, this is manipulation. According to the Center for Countering Disinformation of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the material doesn’t point out any references to the source of the information; it goes that “the rally has been reported by the local mass media”. They only share a piece of text and a photo with 5 people in an unidentified place (3 persons are holding the poster and 1 person is holding the symbol of the Temporary Occupied Territories of Donetsk and Luhansk). The monitoring has shown that on February 27 propagandist media already shared similar news about the rally in New York with no photo from the scene.
Fake. Map of the "Russian attack" on Ukraine.

The so-called map of "cities that will be bombed by Russia" is being distributed on Telegram channels. Such reports say that the map was allegedly created on the basis of British intelligence.

However, this is a fake. In fact, the image of the map used in such messages was created in the framework of Ukraine's Independence Day celebration. This is the map of prohibited places for drone flights.
Fake. Great Britain is ready to help Ukraine get nuclear weapons.

Such information is spread in the Russian propagandistic media. The propagandists conclude that Britain will help Ukraine with nuclear weapons on the basis of a short video teaser posted on a YouTube channel of Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus.

However, this is not true. According to StopFake, in the full version of the video, Ben Wallace, the British Minister of Defense, denied the possibility of providing such assistance. In response to questions from Russian pranksters, the British Defense Minister recalled the signing of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.
Fake. Biden is afraid of Russian Kinzhal missiles.

This statement is being spread by Russian propagandists, mentioning that the U.S. president Joe Biden himself admitted that he was afraid of hypersonic Kinzhal missiles and allegedly stated that the U.S. military is not able to stop a hypersonic missile.

According to StopFake, all of this is not true, because Joe Biden said that the use of Kinzhal missiles is a sign that "Putin is pressed against the wall" due to the lack of success of the Russian army in Ukraine. He also stressed that these missiles are not fundamentally different from those already known, except that it is difficult to shoot them down by air defense systems.
Fake. There were two prisoner exchanges between Ukraine and Russia.

Russian media have spread a statement by Russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova that allegedly there were two prisoner exchanges between Ukraine and Russia. Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories Iryna Vereshchuk denies this information. "No, I do not have such information. Russia lives in a parallel reality, they make exchanges, they write about it. We did not make exchanges," Vereshchuk told “Ukrayinska Pravda”.
Fake. Russian forces do not shoot at Ukrainian civilians, but help them.

Russian media have spread a statement from Dmitry Peskov, press secretary for the Russian president, that the Russian military is allegedly not shooting at Ukrainian civilians, but helping them. The fake again mentioned "Ukrainian nationalists" who allegedly used civilians as "living shields" and used "testimonies" of Ukrainians that were abducted to Russia. In fact, in 28 days, the Russian occupiers killed 121 children and injured 167 kids. In the last couple of days alone, the Russian military has fired on a peaceful rally in Kherson, destroyed houses in Kamianske, fired on two cars in Mayinivka, launched an air strike on Lozova, and so on. In addition, the Prosecutor General's Office reported for the first time to the Russian military on suspicion of violating the laws or customs of war through the rape of a woman in the Kyiv region. Only under this article, on the violation of the laws and customs of war (Article 438 of the Criminal Code), in 28 days 2336 proceedings were initiated.
Fake. Russia is preparing to sign a peace treaty.

Such a message was spread in several Telegram channels. They claimed that Russia is preparing to end the war and sign a peace treaty with Ukraine. In fact, it’s not true.

The fake was pointed out by the fact checkers from the Brekhunets project. According to them, the negotiations between Ukraine and russia are still ongoing and mostly aimed at saving civilians from hotspots and organizing humanitarian corridors.
Fake. Belarusian saboteurs have been detained in Ukraine.

The information on detaining Belarusians who were hiding behind journalist IDs and refugee certificates was spread in Telegram channels. In such messages journalists were called saboteurs .

However, this information is not true. According to the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security, the Security Service of Ukraine officially stated that the majority of detained saboteurs are the citizens of Ukraine. Only one of the detained saboteurs was Belarusian. He was detained in the Volyn Region. No details about him were reported.
Fake. Russian missiles didn’t damage Babyn Yar in Kyiv.

Such a statement has been spread by the Russian propagandist media. In their messages, they accused Volodymyr Zelenskyi of lies, claiming that he lied in his speech to the Parliament of Israel saying that russian missiles hit Babyn Yar. According to StopFake, Russian propagandist media are using the testimony of an Israeli journalist who says that there is no damage on the territory of the memorial.

In fact, during the March 1 shelling of Kyiv, the Russian army fired on the Kyiv television tower, one missile hit the television center’s technical building, another one - the Avantgarde building on the grounds of the former Jewish cemetery. “The issue here is firing on the Babyn Yar memorial complex and not damaging a specific monument. According to the United Jewish Community of Ukraine, the Kharkiv synagogue, one of the largest in Europe has been fired on, the Jewish cemetery in Bila Tserkva and a number of other Jewish sites in Ukraine have been shelled”, StopFake writes.
Fake. Germany will stop supplying weapons to Ukraine.

ТSuch a statement has been spread by the russian propagandist media. In particular, Lenta.ru, Krasnaya Vesna, TASS, Vesti and many others. They claim that Germany allegedly will no longer supply weapons to Ukraine. According to StopFake, such “news” refer to the statement of German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht who allegedly announced on March 21 that “Germany is unlikely to send Ukraine any of the Bundeswehr’s reserves. I would even say that we can’t send anything.” However, what Minister Lambrecht actually said is quite the opposite, that the German federal government is considering further arms supplies to Ukraine. Russian media deliberately distorted Christine Lambrecht’s words.

More details
Fake. In Odesa, due to martial law, a territorial defense is being established, while schools, maternity hospitals, and hospitals are transformed into strongholds.

Different Telegram channels and social media pages spread information that Odesa establishes territorial defense. As proof, they added a document of so-called order #101 from 03.16.22 signed by the head of Odesa Regional Military Administration, Maksym Marchenko.

In fact, this is fake news. Odesa Regional Military Administration informs that Maksym Marchenko has never ordered or signed this. “We publish all official orders on our website and promptly inform about that on our official Facebook page,” — says the message.
Exposing. National minorities residents of Zakarpatia region are receiving threatening messages on social media.

Viktor Mykyta, head of Zakarpatia Regional Military Administration, shared this news on his Facebook page. He called it an enemy's informational operation that aimed at internal destabilizing the situation in Zakarpatia. "Expectedly, the Hungarian community of our region became the victim of these actions. They started receiving fake messages with threats from unknown social media accounts. At the same time, Russian informational resources are spreading disinformation about the so-called desire of Hungarian community to separate from Ukraine," — says the head of Regional Military Administration.

He added that they were informed about such intentions long before the start of this informational attack. "We were ready. That is why we counteract these attacks systematically and effectively," — Mykyta stated.
Exposing. On social media, probably hostile adjusters offer "help with replacing broken windows."

The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security has warned that hostile correctors may resort to new approaches. In particular, a message is sent on social networks on behalf of "Igor or Ivan", which offers free help with replacing broken windows. At the same time, the "gentleman" can ask many questions about your house and everything nearby. Therefore, it can be an enemy corrector. Therefore, be careful and not help the occupiers destroy Ukrainian cities," the Center said.

Fake. Ukraine has committed genocide against Donbas.

This message is regularly spread by the russian propagandists. For example, it has been repeatedly mentioned by the Russian president Volodymyr Putin, Foreign Intelligence Service director Serhiy Naryshkin and others. By this narrative, Volodymyr Putin in particular, is trying to justify a full-scale military invasion.

However, this is fake. According to StopFake, Volodymyr Putin thinks that one of the main reasons of the full-scale war against Ukraine is salvation of Donbas people from genocide. For the last 2 weeks, Putin has mentioned 3 times “14 000 civilians died in Donbas” who, in his opinion, were killed by “Ukrainian nationalists”. However, there is no such data about the victims among civilians on the Donbas territory that is temporarily occupied by Russia. This fact is proved by the official data from the UN and even by the reports of the ombudsman from the so-called "Donetsk People’s Republic".

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Fake. Ukrainian “nationalists” mined the building of Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology to hide the work on nuclear developments.

Since March 7, the social media have been spreading the information that so-called Ukrainian “nationalists” mined the building of Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology with the experimental nuclear VoxCheck has debunked this message pointing out that russia has been spreading this piece of disinformation after its attacks to justify its actions or pin the blame on Ukraine. Fact-checkers reminded that for the first time the building of Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology was shelled from “Grad” on March 6 and on March 10 the occupants attacked it for the second time. As the result, the attacks caused power cut of the installation.

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Fake. In the western regions of the country, IDP men are more mobilized.

Such information is spreading on the Internet, but on ICTV, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malyar denied this and explained the proportion of those mobilized among residents of the western regions and migrants.

"Indeed, mobilization has now been announced. Everyone knows that the presidential decree was issued on February 24. Many people are being mobilized today because today, many people who can be at the front are needed to defend Ukraine. The same mobilization is carried out in all regions of Ukraine. There is no selective approach because the information is already spreading about the alleged mobilization of internally displaced persons in the western regions. This is not the case," said Malyar.
Fake. Red Cross issues certificates to easily cross the border.

The representatives of Red Cross are receiving messages saying that their employees can receive certificates that give a right to cross the border without any obstacles, and the law of Ukraine on general mobilization is not applicable to those. The organization denies this information and assures that Red Cross Ukraine is not issuing such certificates. “Everyone forging and using these certificates violates the law of Ukraine “On Red Cross, Red Crescent and Red Crystal Symbols in Ukraine,” the statement says.
Fake. In Germany a group of Ukrainians beat a young man to death.

A video of so-called deathly beating is being spread on social media. This was reported by ‘Europeiska Pravda’ with reference to German Bonn’s police department. In this video, allegedly, a crowd of Ukrainians beats a 16-years old boy in Euskirchen, a town in North Rhine-Westphalia. Language of video — Russian.

At first, the video was published on Telegram-channel, which spreads Russian propaganda about the Russian-Ukrainian war. A fake news report that 16-years old volunteer “Daniel” was beaten only for speaking Russian. The police say they have no information about this cruel attack that caused death. Law enforcement officers ask people not to spread this video and check the information carefully, especially on social media.
Fake. Ukraine needs to be denazified.

Russian propaganda has been spreading this statement since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24. Vladimir Putin called that very denazification one of the reasons for launching a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and this is one of the demands of the Russian side during the negotiation process. However, it is unclear what denazification is, because in the speeches of the Russian side it always means something else: the elimination of the nationalist union; the transfer of "criminals", "responsible for bloody crimes against civilians in Donbass" to court; the abolition of any laws, which allegedly discriminate the Russian-speaking population; blocking the possibility for "followers of radical ideas to get into any structures of Ukrainian goverment."

However, Ukraine does not need to be denazified. Information about the need for denazification is refuted by fact-checkers from StopFake. "In fact, Ukraine does not need denazification. Far-right forces are not represented in the Ukrainian authorities and do not have significant electoral success. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is from a Ukrainian-Jewish family. In Ukraine, the rights of the Russian-speaking population are not oppressed in any way,” the fact-checkers write.

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Fake. In Poland, the best places in hospitals go to Ukrainians, and due to the large number of refugees, Poles lack medicine.

Such statements have recently been spread in large numbers on the web in the format of copied records of "a friend from Lodz", "a sister with a small child who was sent home", and "hospitals that accept only refugees." This was reported by the ‘Brekhunets’ project with reference to PolskieRadio. Such messages say that the security guard did not let the author's four-year-old daughter into the city administration (hereinafter referred the name of the city), as he said that they only served Ukrainian children. "Hasn't it gone too far?" the message adds. In such texts names of cities, streets and offices change, but the part about four-year-old daughter and hospitals only for children from Ukraine remain the same. "This message should arouse hatred to refugees and increase panic. Unfortunately, there are people who do not check such news, but still share them, becoming unconscious parts of Russian propaganda," the fact-checkers write.

In fact, it's a fake. "It is unworthy and scandalous to spread rumors. For example, about the alleged "better beds for guests from Ukraine" or about the fact that "there is a lack of medicine" due to such a large number of refugees," said cardiologist, lipidologist, cardiovascular epidemiologist Professor Maciej Banach from Lodz Medical University. He added that it is dishonest to spread rumors that Ukrainians get to hospitals and clinics out of turn and without tests for COVID-19, because it's not true.

Fake. Zelensky's meeting with European leaders took place in Poland.

Information is being spread online that Volodymyr Zelensky's meeting with the prime ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia, which took place on March 15th, was "actually" held in the Polish city of Przemyśl, where the Ukrainian president allegedly arrived. Such information is spread in order to show that Zelensky is not even in Ukraine, but, most likely, is just running a "show" from Poland.

In fact, this is not true. Zelensky's video was streamed from Kyiv. StopFake writes in detail on this.
Fake. 350 people were evacuated from Severodonetsk, Rubizhne and Lysychansk to Luhansk.

The head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration, Serhii Haidai, denied the fakes of the occupiers, who reported that 350 people from Severodonetsk, Rubizhne and Lysychansk were allegedly evacuated to occupied Luhansk. "[Rashists (Russian fascists)] demand from residents of the occupied territories to collect humanitarian aid. Forcibly! Fake administrations have ordered the workers to bring something for the "refugees". It is not true! No Ukrainian from Severodonetsk, Rubizhne and Lysychansk could leave for the occupied territories. Cities are controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, the rashists couldn’t take people out, the Armed Forces would not allow them, and people would not leave, because Luhansk region is Ukraine," Gaidai said.
Fake. УкраїThe Ukrainian military fired on Rubizhne to "create a picture for the West."

Russian media and pro-Kremlin telegram channels report that the Ukrainian military allegedly fired on Rubizhne in the Luhansk region to "create a picture for the West" about the Russian aggression. The head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration, Serhii Haidai, said that the Russian occupiers were cynically destroying residential areas and killing civillian Ukrainians. According to him, in particular, at least 27 houses in Rubizhne were caught fire on the night of March 17.

In addition, the National Guard of Ukraine refuted Russian media reports that the city was allegedly controlled by the Russian military. "Our guardsmen send greetings from Rubizhne in Luhansk region. They were genuinely surprised and laughed a lot when they saw a circus show in Russian news that the city had been "cleansed" by Chechens and terrorists from ORDLO (the uncontrolled portions of the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts). They say that the city was guarded, is guarded and will be guarded by Ukrainian servicemen, border guards and police, and they do not surrender it to the occupiers," the statement says.
Fake. Azov is preparing a series of terrorist attacks against diplomats from the United States and other countries in Lviv.

The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine warned that the Russian Ministry of Defense had spread fake information—that the Azov regiment was preparing a series of terrorist attacks against the U.S. and other diplomatic missions in Lviv to "create levers of influence on NATO countries to close the sky over Ukraine."
Fraud. The intruders tried to collect cryptocurrencies for the army under the guise of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Specialists of the National Center for Operational and Technical Management of Telecommunications Networks at the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine blocked a fake domain for fundraising under the guise of a page of the Ministry of Digital Transformation. Funds for the army can be officiall donated in the "Diia" app—these funds will be provided in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine through the "Come Back Alive" fund.
Disclosure. Russian media are making staged vidoes about "nazi concentration camp" and "secret prison" at the Aidar battalion.

Russian propagandists, including RT, RIA Novosti, Izvestia, Regnum and Ren TV, and pro-Kremlin telegram channels have been spreading fake information about the "concentration camp" that Ukrainian Aidar battalion fighters have allegedly held for eight years in the village of Polovynkine, Starobilsk region, Luhansk oblast. According to StopFake, these stories show only footage of an abandoned factory location without additional evidence—without traces or evidence of torture (blood, human remains, etc.). This is not the first time that the Russian media has tried to promote the issue of "concentration camps" in Ukraine, these attempts have been recorded since the beginning of the war in Donbas.

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Fake. Ukrainian diplomatic institutions recruit Japanese for the war against Russia, which is leading to a loss of Japan’s independence.

Russian websites share the statement of the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova that Japan allegedly loses its independence in the international arena, without preventing its citizens from fighting on the side of Ukraine. According to StopFake, Zakharova's words about Japan's "independence" due to its support of "neo-Nazi forces" are repeatedly exposed fakes.

She also says that foreign embassies and consulates of Ukraine allegedly "recruit" Japanese volunteers to the "foreign corps". In fact, participation in the International Defense Legion of Ukraine is completely voluntary. The embassies of Ukraine do not "recruit" volunteers, but provide information about the algorithm of joining the Legion. As of early March, about 70 Japanese volunteers had joined the International Legion. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, in turn, has announced an evacuation throughout Ukraine, and people are expected to stop all travel to the country, regardless of the purpose of their visit.

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Fake. The Red Cross reported that Ukraine was suffering huge losses.

The information has been spread on social media that allegedly according to the data of the International Committee of the Red Cross and reports of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ukraine "suffers enormous losses in manpower." According to StopFake, the publications are supplemented with infographics, which show alleged losses among the Ukrainian military. At the same time, neither the Ministry of Defense, nor the Armed Forces, nor other government agencies publish the number and names of soldiers who died as a result of a full-scale Russian invasion. On March 12th alone, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that 1,300 Ukrainian servicemen had died since the beginning of the war.

Oleksandr Vlasenko, a media relations specialist at the International Committee of the Red Cross, said that the ICRC did not announce the figures or estimate the death toll on either side. He stressed that the International Committee of the Red Cross is a neutral organization focused on helping civilians affected by armed conflicts or violence.

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Fake. Ukraine will persecute Crimeans who have served in the Russian army since 2014.

Office of Representative of President of Ukraine in Autonomous Republic of Crimea reported that Russia was spreading a fake that Ukraine would pursue Crimean conscripts, namely citizens who had been forced to serve in the Russian army since 2014. Thus, the occupiers’ goverment is trying to force the residents of the peninsula to mobilize and fight against Ukraine.«This way the occupier violates the norms of international and national law. Crimeans forced into the Russian army or other illegal groups are victims of armed conflict, not criminals. Therefore, they are not subject to criminal prosecution by the Ukrainian authorities», — the office said.
Fake. Russia has shown a map of its advances in Ukraine—almost half of the territories are blocked.

The Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine warned that Russia had spread a fake map of the occupiers advances in Ukraine, where almost half of the country's area was allegedly occupied or blocked by the Russian military. The Center denied this information and reminded that the enemy was losing both personnel and equipment—Russian lieutenant general Andrey Mordvichev was killed, several columns of equipment of the occupiers in Mykolayiv and Sumy regions were destroyed, 2 planes, 3 helicopters, 3 UAVs and 4 cruise missiles of the enemy were shot down.
Phishing. Ukrainians receive text messages that inform about money coming in.

According to the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council, Ukrainians began to receive phone messages with the text "You have recieved financial aid PB24 6500. Accept… ", which is followed by a link.

"Never open this link! There is a high risk that your phone will be hacked. Be careful! If you ordered a one-time cash assistance in the amount of UAH 6,500 through the "Diia" app, wait for a notification about the money accrual in your banking app. Do not follow any questionable links without checking them. It is always better to call the hotline of the institution from which you received the message and check the authenticity of the received notification," the Center emphasizes.
Fake. The Security Service of Ukraine mined the city hospital in Dnipro.

This information was announced by representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense during one of the briefings. "The Security Service of Ukraine has mined a city hospital in Dnipropetrovsk and plans to blow up a building while a Russian plane is flying over the city," the Russians said.

According to the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council, the Russians began to actively use information tactics of preliminary media coverage of the targets planned for the attack. This is especially true of shelling of civilian and critical infrastructure, which is classified as a war crime and provokes a wave of public condemnation within the international community. In fact, the information about minings is not true. The Center also appeals to the residents of Dnipro and asks them to be especially careful and cautious.
Fake. Mariupol residents do not need to leave the city and go to Zaporizhzhia.

Russian bots are spreading a fake that Mariupol residents do not need to leave the city and go to Zaporizhzhia. The Center for Counteracting Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine said that such reports disrupted the evacuation from the city. Russian propagandists also write that Zaporizhstal (metallurgical plant of Ukraine) and Zaporizhkoks (one of the largest Ukrainian coke and chemical producers) are allegedly "mined" and that "armed Banderites are hiding in the workshops." "This is another cynical lie of the occupiers! The Russian aggressor is trying to disrupt the evacuation of Mariupol residents to safe places and destroy as many true patriots of the city as possible by ruthless shelling of residential neighborhoods," the Center said.
Fake. Zelensky remains in Ukraine because he has nowhere to escape to.

Anonymous telegram channels controlled by Russia's intelligence services report that President Volodymyr Zelensky remains in Ukraine because he has nowhere to escape to. This is a lie, because even at the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the United States and other western countries offered Zelensky to evacuate to a safe place to ensure the continuity of his leadership. However, the Ukrainian president refused.

Pro-Kremlin telegram channels also accuse Zelensky of allegedly starting the war because he "supported Poroshenko's course to NATO" and "refused the Minsk agreements." In fact, it was Putin who "tore the Minsk agreements into pieces," as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield said, when Putin recognised terrorist groups “Luhansk and Donetsk Peoples Republics”
Fake. Ukraine sends untrained troops to the front.

Russian propagandists are spreading information that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are allegedly throwing untrained soldiers into the combat.

The Ministry of Defense denies such information and says that the main proof of this is the great losses in the ranks of the Russian armed forces. “The command of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducts mobilization measures in a balanced and competent manner. Thousands of Ukrainians with combat experience want to join the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense and other military formations as volunteers. Tens of thousands of willing men and women do not have this opportunity and are waiting for their turn precisely because the territorial recruitment centers (former military enlistment offices) hire people with the relevant military experience as units and all types of their support are deployed,” says the message from the Ministry.
Fake. Residents of Mariupol fleeing the bombing are going to Russia.

Russian propaganda media widely disseminate such reports. However, all this is not true.

According to StopFake fact-checkers, most refugees from Mariupol fleeing barbaric shelling by Russian troops travel to Ukrainian cities controlled by the Ukrainian government.

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Exposing. Russia creates illusions of "exchange of views" to coerce "the right decision."

The Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council warned that Russian propaganda was spreading information manipulations aimed primarily at influencing foreign audiences and creating illusions of freedom of expression and exchange of views. "This technique simulates the presence of different points of view and create the effect of impartiality. For example, enemy bots publicly argue with each other over a "necessary scenario," creating the illusion of free speech. Such a manipulative approach aims to prove that any alternatives are not better than the imposed solution. Therefore it should be unequivocally supported," the Center said, adding that the technique could be used in the following topics: "Peaceful Russians suffer no less, and more than Ukrainians", "'Russophobia' reigns in the world", "stories about 'fraternal peoples', "stories about the lack of drugs and products, threats to the lives of Russians".
Fake. Three American guardsmen were killed in the “Donetsk People's Republic”.

The Russian newspaper ‘Pravda’ spread a fake that three employees of the Tennessee National Guard were killed in the occupied part of the Donetsk region. The National Guard Buro has denied this information, saying that the names and photos of the U.S. military were taken from an article posted on the Pentagon's DVIDS website in 2018.
Manipulation. Military-age males can go abroad.

Such information is spread in the Volyn region segment of Facebook. According to the fact-checking project "Brekhunets" (‘Liar’), there are indeed categories of men who can go abroad, but men who do not meet these criteria cannot cross the border.

According to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the exceptions are men of the age of recruitment from 18 to 60, who: have a certificate of deferment of conscription and notification of enrollment in special military registration; who have conclusion on the unfit for military service by the military medical commission; persons who have three or more dependant children under the age of 18; those who raise a child (children) under the age of 18 on their own; who have dependent child with a disability; who are adoptive parents, guardians; whose close relatives died or went missing during the anti-terrorist operation.
Exposing. Propagandists are filming fake stories as if the Russian military is distributing humanitarian aid in the Kharkiv region.

The head of the Kharkiv regional military administration, Oleg Sinegubov, said, that in some temporarily occupied territories of the Kharkiv region, the Russian occupiers are trying to create a showy positive image: they distribute humanitarian aid, humanitarian aid, food and other goods to alleged civilians.

«"For example, in Lyptsi, Russian propagandists filmed an unknown gym. There is no such room in this settlement. This is a montage and an outright provocation. "The occupiers are creating a false 'picture', removing fictitious people who pretend to be residents of this community and who allegedly rejoice in the 'Russian liberators',", Sinegubov said.
Fake. The NBU asks Ukrainians to transfer funds to help the Armed Forces.

The National Bank of Ukraine has reported a fraudulent scheme in which emails are sent to Ukrainians on behalf of the NBU asking them to transfer funds to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. These letters are sent from helpukraine@bank.gov.ua helpukrainearmy@bank.gov.ua. They contain a link to the crypto wallet to transfer funds. The National Bank of Ukraine stressed that it does not send emails to citizens, especially with a call to help the Armed Forces. The National Bank also added that they do not raise funds in cryptocurrency because they did not open any at all.
Fake. Test sirens are sometimes turned on to check the working capacity.

The Center for Counteracting Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine denied this information and reminded of the importance of air raid alarms, as well as the fact that test sirens are prohibited under wartime conditions. The Center also denied similar fakes related to air raid alarms: "There are objects that are detected by air defense, but the air raid sirens are not being activated because of them—it's a fake. After all objects being detected, even if they are small, the siren rings out. People did not have time to hide because the duty officer did not turn on the air raid siren—it's a fake. The siren is activated by the duty officer of the control center, who is present on the spot around the clock."
Fake. Ukraine is shooting staging of deaths among civilians, probably in Chernihiv.

Pro-Russian telegram channels broadcast a video showing a truck filled with people's bodies in black bags: a man who was supposed to portray a "corpse" smokes, and two more men correct the "corpses" to make them look better in the frame. Russian propaganda claims that the video is a "staging of the Ukrainian government" that allegedly wants to accuse the Russian military of shooting civilians. Russian propagandists claim that this video was recorded in Chernihiv.

This video is from the Russian rapper Husky's "Never" clip shooting, published in March 2021. Earlier, this video was also used to fake "news stories about the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic."

Manipulation. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ordered the military and terroritorial defense to be stationed in schools, kindergartens, and hospitals.

Telegram channels controlled by the Russian secret services spread mesages that after the attack on the Yavoriv military base, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to permanently change the location of the military and ordered the military and territorial defense to be stationed in schools, kindergartens and hospitals. Some pro-Kremlin telegram channels also report that Azov fighters are already allegedly deploying their forces in civilian infrastructure. These statements are then used by the Russian authorities as an excuse for their air strikes on schools and hospitals. For example, as it was in the case with the maternity hospital or the Drama theater in Mariupol.
Fake. Ukraine was preparing to seize "lost territories with terrible bloodshed."

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spread a fake message that Ukraine had allegedly failed to implement the Minsk agreements, so it was preparing to seize its temporarily uncontrolled territories, which was to be accompanied by "terrible bloodshed." Putin "tore the Minsk agreements to pieces," as US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas Greenfield said when she acknowledged the "L / DNR" terrorist group. The very fake thesis about the "capture" of the occupied territories has been spread before. In particular, as proof of "Ukraine's preparations for the offensive in the Donbas in March 2022" , a document was distributed on the Lviv region's training camp. Or that Joe Biden allegedly ordered an attack on Donbas and so on.
Fake. Ukrainian border guards died near Kharkiv.

The Facebook page of the head of the State Border Guard Service, Serhiy Deineko, reported that Ukrainian border guards had died near Kharkiv and that the Russian military was threatening to retaliate. Deineko later deleted the post and reported that his page had been hacked. "The war, particularly in the information field, continues. And the aggressor uses all possible ways. Russian propagandists were the first to spread their fake. Despite this, we will continue our struggle, and victory will be ours. Glory to Ukraine!" he said.

Manipulation. Ukraine renounces its demands and loses in negotiations with Russia.

Russian propagandists actively spread such a message. This information was announced during a regular briefing by the adviser to the head of the President's Office, Oleksiy Arestovych.

""The new topic is the alleged speculation that Ukraine renounces its demands or loses the negotiations. I want to remind you that the principled position of the President of Ukraine is that Ukraine must first be recognized at the international borders as of 1991. Secondly, everything we agree on must be better than before the war. Because then what is the meaning of the victims of the Ukrainian people" — the adviser of President's Office
Fake. There was an accident at the Aul station in the Dnipropetrovsk region - you need to stock up on water.

Fake messages about an alleged accident at the Aul chlorine overflow station in the Dnipropetrovsk region are spread on social networks, so it is necessary to stock up on water. However, Mykola Lukashuk, the chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk regional council, refuted this message, noting that the Aul Waterworks Municipal Enterprise and the Aul Chlorine Transfusion Station LLC were operating normally.

Manipulation. Europe has acknowledged that without Russian gas, it will end, or the world will support Ukraine until gas prices rise significantly.

Russian propaganda spreads these narratives in different languages, trying to sow panic among Ukrainians and convince them that the world can change its mind about Russia because of its dependence on Russian oil and gas. The Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine refuted these reports and reminded that the world already has experience overcoming the oil crisis. In 1973, Europe and the United States successfully abandoned Arab energy. The Center also noted that Germany, Poland, the Norwegian company Equinor, the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the German company Uniper have decided to stop financing the construction of Russia's Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.
Fake. Ukrainian authorities have left Mariupol to the mercy of fate.

Such information is spread on social networks, but the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council denied it.

"Mariupol is a topic №1 for the President of Ukraine and diplomacy," Oleksiy Arestovych said at the briefing. The Center adds that the Ukrainian troops are trapped by the occupiers' attacks north of Volnovakha and in the environmental protection zone. It is tough and far to go from Zaporizhia — almost 300 km of bare steppe under attacks by Russian aircraft. That is why it isn't easy to unblock Mariupol at once. "Among those who remained in the city, the occupier immediately intensified propaganda, spreading various fakes designed to split thoughts and quarrel people. Do not spread Russian propaganda, and remember that the fate of Mariupol significantly depends on the mood and fighting spirit of the locals!" — added in the Center.
Fake. Twitter had to label some Ukrainian media outlets as state-owned due to a large amount of biased information.

Pro-Kremlin telegram channels spread information that the social network Twitter marked "some Ukrainian media" as state-run because of a large amount of biased information. These posts are illustrated, in particular, by a screenshot from the UNIAN page. The agency is not state-owned; UNIAN belongs to the holding "1 + 1 Media" associated with oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. At the same time, the propagandists do not mention that Twitter has been marking the Russian state media for more than a year, and recently the Belarusian state media. Facebook and Instagram also denote Russian state media.

Twitter marked only one, not "some," Ukrainian publication, the Voice of Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada newspaper, which covers, among other things, Russia's war against Ukraine through statements by Ukrainian and foreign politicians and officials, and regarding other official sources. Russian propaganda also invented motivation. They did not explain on Twitter why they decided to mark the Voice of Ukraine right now but said: "We believe that people have the right to know about cases when the profile of the media is related to the state entity. In times of conflict, it is critical to provide access to reliable, evidence-based information and show which profiles are controlled by States parties."
Fake. "The People's Police of the DPR" received a laptop from the Ukrainian military with information about the targets of the strikes in Donetsk.

The Russian newspaper RIA-Novosti published fake news: "The People's Police of the DPR" allegedly received a laptop from the Ukrainian military with information about the targets of the Point-U strikes, including the government building, radio and television centre, military enlistment office in Donetsk. However, the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine denied this and pointed out that the fake was poorly done — in the photo, allegedly from the computer of the Ukrainian military, the word "objects" (об'єкти) is written with the Russian "э". In addition, the photo was taken on an old laptop, which does not exactly draw on the secret archive of documents of Ukrainian defenders.
Fake. In the Khmelnytsky region, humanitarian aid is sold in stores.

Such information is disseminated online, but all this is not true. According to the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council, the head of the Khmelnytsky military administration, S. Gamaliy, assured that all humanitarian goods arriving at the military administration are accounted for by acceptance certificates and then transported to other regions.
Fake. An unknown person with a poster with a provocative inscription appeared live on the state-run Russian-language foreign TV channel UA during the FreeHOME marathon.

The Center for Countering Disinformation reports that this is a fake. "In reality, this action did not take place. The person depicted in the collage is unknown to either the channel or the audience. The photo collage has all the signs of a false image that can be seen with the naked eye," the Center told the TV channel.

The fake came after the editor of Russia's First Channel, Marina Ovsyannikova, broke into a live broadcast with a poster with anti-war slogans.
Fake. The Russian military did not fire on civilians in Chernihiv.

Russia's Defense Ministry has issued a fake statement that the Russian military allegedly did not fire on civilians in Chernihiv. Instead, "Ukrainian nationalists" are again accused of shelling. Another version of this is a "staging of the SBU."

The Chernihiv Oblast Prosecutor's Office said that the Russian military fired firearms at people standing in line for bread, killing 10 people. It happened in one of the sleeping districts of Chernihiv. Law enforcement officers have already launched a pre-trial investigation into the violation of the laws and customs of war, combined with premeditated murder (Part 2 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).
Fake. The SBU, with the support of the West, is preparing a provocation with the use of poisonous substances against civilians.

Russia's Defense Ministry is spreading a fake message that the Security Service of Ukraine is allegedly "preparing a provocation with the use of toxic substances against civilians with the support of Western countries."

The SBU denied the report and noted that the fake spread after the occupiers fired on a peace column near Mariupol and dropped a bomb on the city's drama theatre building. « "Such statements by the invaders are just an attempt to divert attention from another war crime. But no fakes will cover the genocide of civilians and the humanitarian catastrophe in Mariupol, which is being destroyed by Russian missiles and bombs," the SBU said.
Fake. Azov held hostages at the Mariupol Theater, but Russian aircraft did not consider the building a target for destruction.

Russia's Defense Ministry and Russian media are spreading fake reports that Azov fighters "could have held civilians hostage" at the Mariupol Drama Theater, but that Russian aircraft allegedly did not bomb the building and "did not see it as a target for destruction." Russian propagandists accuse Azov of this, which allegedly mined and blew up the theatre.

Russian aircraft launched an airstrike on the Mariupol Drama Theater, the city's largest shelter for civilians. Mariupol City Council said that a Russian plane deliberately dropped a bomb on the building, resulting in the entrance to the bomb shelter being destroyed. Information about the victims is being clarified.
Message. Zelensky may not return to Kyiv after meeting with US President Joe Biden in Brussels.

Pro-Russian telegram channels spread information that rumours about Zelensky's quick escape are well-founded. Such reports assure, that the President of Ukraine may go to Brussels to meet with US President Biden, who will visit Belgium on March 24. Such texts predict that Kyiv will be blocked in a few weeks, and Zelensky will not be able to return there after the meeting.

There is no reason to claim this. There is also no official information that would confirm the planned meeting between Biden and Zelensky.
Deep fake. Zelensky said it was difficult to be president and announced Ukraine's capitulation.

The video, in which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky talks about how difficult it is to run the country and announces Ukraine's capitulation to the war with Russia, is a deep fake. Before the video appeared online, hackers hacked a news feed on Ukraine 24 and released the same fake message allegedly from President Volodymyr Zelensky about the "surrender." Instead, the president recorded a video address, calling the fake a "childish provocation," urging Russians to lay their arms down.

Volodymyr Zelensky did not record a video urging Ukrainians to surrender. Earlier, the SBU warned Ukrainians that Russian propaganda was preparing similar deep fakes, on which Zelensky would call on the Ukrainian army to lay down its arms.
Fake. In Ukraine, 15 million people maintain strong ties with Russia.

Russian propaganda media disseminate such information regarding the Russian Ministry of Defense. Such reports say that most Ukrainians have always advocated for good relations with Russia, and about 15 million "still have strong ties with the Russian Federation." The text also lists the areas in which friendship and assistance from Russia are allegedly most sought after.

However, this is fake. According to StopFake, the Russian Defense Ministry does not say based on which information these conclusions were made. Instead, according to Ukrainian national polls, most respondents believe that Russia's goal of invading Ukraine is destroying the Ukrainian people.

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Fake. The Time journalist worked for American intelligence and was killed by the Ukrainian military.

Russian propagandists are spreading a fake that Time journalist Brent Reno, who was killed in Irpen, worked for US intelligence and has experience participating in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Brent Reno worked on the TIME Studios project on the global refugee crisis. He came to Irpen to film reports on the city's evacuation and to photograph the aftermath of the Russian shelling.

Despite the confirmed circumstances of the shelling of journalists, Russia is lying that the American journalist was allegedly killed by "Ukrainian Nazis". Serhiy Leshchenko, an adviser to the head of the President's Office, said, that Russian propaganda was questioning Renault's status as an American journalist to reduce the tragedy and lie to Ukraine. The Center for Combating Disinformation added, that this case demonstrates that Russia is doing everything possible to prevent journalists from recording war crimes against the Ukrainian population.
Fake. Zelensky called on Ukrainians to lay down their arms.

On March 16, hackers broke the news feed on Ukraine 24 TV channel and published a fake report allegedly from President Volodymyr Zelensky about the "surrender". Instead, the president recorded a video address, calling the fake a "childish provocation" and urging Russians to lay down their arms.

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Fake. Territorial Defence Forces units in Volnovakha planned an attack on Donetsk.

Russian propaganda media disseminate such information. The reports claim that the Territorial Defence Forces units in the town of Volnovakha planned an attack on the territories not under Ukraine's control. It is also stated that "all children and patients were allegedly evicted" from schools and hospitals to accommodate the units' personnel.

However, this is a fake, which was refuted by the fact-checkers from StopFake and found out that the published documents do not confirm this and refute the thesis about the "Ukrainian attack on Donbas". Read more
Fake. Ukrainian military trades in organs of dead and wounded Ukrainian soldiers.

Russian media are spreading a fake statement by Communist Party Chairman Gennady Zyuganov that the Ukrainian military is allegedly "selling the organs of Ukrainian soldiers killed or seriously wounded" during Russia's war in Ukraine (which he still calls a "special operation"). This fake was spread back in 2015, but it was about Ukrainian soldiers and civilians who died in the anti-terrorist operation zone. At the time, Russian propagandists even edited a video in which a former SBU officer allegedly told about "the organization of a special medical brigade that received orders from Western countries to sell the organs of servicemen and civilians killed in the anti-terrorist operation zone." The Security Service of Ukraine denied such "information", noting that some footage from the video had already been found online.

In addition, Ukrainian defenders killed in the war with Russia are buried in churches where possible. Instead, Russia does not even take the bodies of its soldiers, so Ukraine has to turn to the Red Cross to help remove the Russian military's corpses.
Fake. You do not need to hide in shelters and basements during an air alarm.

Messages of this content are sent in Viber chats and other messengers in Transcarpathia. The text allegedly advises an experienced military man, but his name is not mentioned. An unnamed military man "advises" not to hide in the basement during the "air alarm" signal and calls them "mass graves" because, in his opinion, being in them is deadly. The message ends with a request to disseminate information to relatives to "help them survive."

Such advice from anonymous experts should not be trusted, as they can harm a person's life. In the case of air alarm, the algorithm of actions recommended by official institutions, regional military administrations should be followed.
Fake. In the Rivne region, unknown people drive cars and ask people for the addresses of military units.

Such information is disseminated on social networks, telegram channels and Viber chats. The authors of such reports note that a car is driving in the region, the passengers of which are asking for the addresses of military units to deliver food there allegedly. However, the text asks for "inquisitive" to report to the police or territorial defence immediately.

According to the fact-checkers of the "Liar" project about the SBU data in the Rivne region, all this is not true.

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Manipulation. The network distorts data on the number of dead in Mariupol.

The Mariupol City Council pointed this out. "There is various information about the number of people killed in Mariupol by the hostile actions of the Russian occupiers - from several hundred to tens of thousands of people. But the official and confirmed information as of the end of March 14, 2022, is about 2357 dead Mariupol. All other data related to this are not true. Therefore, we ask you to trust only official information from verified sources," the statement reads.
Fake. The occupiers want to control the Brest-Lutsk-Ternopil-Chernivtsi road.

Volyn telegrams and Viber chats spread reports about Israeli intelligence, which reported that Russia increased its military contingent in Brest. Such reports argue that this could mean that the occupiers are preparing to take control of the Brest-Lutsk-Ternopil-Chernivtsi road to cut off arms supplies from Poland and Romania.

The fact-checkers of the Liar project refuted this information. "Adviser to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovych reassures residents of the western regions. He says the Russian army will not have the resources to attack another area. He stated this in one of the broadcasts on the "Direct" TV channel, "the statement reads.

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Fake. Volunteers do not provide humanitarian aid in the Lviv region.

The fake is spreading on social networks that the humanitarian headquarters of the Lviv Regional Military Administration are filled with goods, and volunteers allegedly do not give them out. LODA head Maksym Kozytskyi denied this information, noting that 80% of the aid received by the humanitarian headquarters of the Lviv region is immediately given to defenders at the front and civilians who remain in hotspots. The rest is distributed among IDPs.
Fake. The Ukrainian military blew up a double of the Mriya plane.

Social networks spread information that to block the runway at the Gostomel airport near Kyiv, the Armed Forces of Ukraine blew up a "double" of the world's largest An-225 "Mriya" aircraft, which is allegedly not ready to fly, and with an actual "Mriya" aircraft allegedly everything is ok.

However, all this is not true. Fact-checkers from VoxCheck have already refuted fake. The Russian occupiers blew up the "An-225 Mriya" plane, and the published photo in fake messages was taken at least four years earlier," the statement said.Read more
Exposing. Kramatorsk residents receive a message to Viber from a Russian number requesting to install the Kramatorsk application.

Mayor Oleksandr Honcharenko urges citizens not to follow these messages and delete them immediately but install the application exclusively through Google Play Market and AppStore. Instead, the mayor emphasizes that Kramatorsk residents can get information from official sources: the Kramatorsk City Council website, the institution's Facebook page, the telegram channel and the Kramatorsk e-application.
Manipulation. Leaflets calling for the expulsion of Ukrainian Nazis are being distributed in Poland.

Such information in the media is disseminated by Kremlin propaganda. For example, such reports say that leaflets calling for the "expulsion of Ukrainian Nazis" are distributed in Poland. According to StopFake, pro-Kremlin propaganda has been using the same illustration with the same appeal since 2016, which only confirms the systematic and purposeful approach to inciting hostility towards Ukrainian citizens.

"Agitprop assures that anti-Ukrainian leaflets are being pasted in Poland. However, the same illustration propagandists try to pass off as such "leaflets" is repeated in all reports. The message is mostly spread in anonymous groups Telegram, the Russian social network "VKontakte". The fact that these actions are planned is evidenced by the fact that dozens of profiles of seemingly ordinary users and groups publish messages of the same content. At the same time, some of the users who spread it, according to their information about themselves, are related to the Russian armed forces," the fact-checkers note.

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Fake. Troops of the so-called "LPR" discovered mass burials of civilians in the area of ​​the Popasna railway.

Several Kremlin media disseminate such information regarding the so-called "LPR forces". According to StopFake, the killings of civilians are attributed to the Ukrainian army, which allegedly "drove people out of basements and used them as human shields".

“There are no photos and video evidence of such "burials". However, this is not confirmed by locals. On the contrary, the Russian occupation forces continue to fire on civilian targets and kill the civilian population of Ukraine," the fact-checkers wrote.
Exposing. Users of bots or "live" accounts send messages in chats to find out the extent of the bombing and the exact location to correct the fire.

According to the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council, they write in the chat rooms of the newly shelled cities. Therefore, they can be detected by the same standard messages.

"Under no circumstances tell anyone the exact location of the projectile and do not post the video at the time of impact. Your "exclusive" can cost someone their life. This information is especially relevant to opinion leaders and owners of thousands of telegram channels!" the statement reads.
Fake. The Ukrainian military fired on the civilian population of Donetsk.

The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine refuted the fake spread by pro-Kremlin telegram channels, alleging that the Ukrainian military fired on civilians in occupied Donetsk from the Tochka-U missile system. In the videos distributed by the occupiers with the alleged "moment of ammunition and consequences," you can see only a tiny explosion, not typical of the complex "Point-U". The "consequences of the explosion" also do not correspond to the "Point U" projectile; in particular, there is no clear place where the projectile hit, although a typical funnel should have remained. This fake was supposed to "demonize the Armed Forces in the eyes of Western partners and the population of Russia itself..

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Fake. The enemy marks new points for laser attacks in cities.

Messengers are spreading the word that the enemy has developed a new way to warn of attacks on peaceful cities and residents. The report says that enemy reconnaissance groups in the city turn on lasers. According to the report, the green colour allegedly means a place for attacks and provocations; orange or yellow indicates the proximity of the enemy. However, all this is fake.

According to expert Dmitry Zolotukhin, this is technically impossible because a traffic light with a powerful emitter is not visible for 600 meters.
Fake. Ukrainians are fleeing abroad due to pressure from the Ukrainian authorities.

Unbelievable, but the new fake of the Russian Ministry of Defense looks like this: "Ukrainians under pressure from the Ukrainian authorities are forced to flee to Romania, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary." Also, the Russian Defense Ministry said that at checkpoints, "not equipped rest areas, not organized food and medical care, refugees are forced to stay in the cold and cold, many of them with young children," and those travelling by car are stuck in traffic jams for tens of kilometres. Cars and pedestrians need to stand in line "2-3 days".

First, today the State Border Guard Service announced no queues, neither car nor pedestrian, at almost all border crossings. Secondly, volunteers helped refugees at the borders on both sides.

Third, people are fleeing abroad from shelling in residential areas, from air bombs and Grads, which kill Ukrainians by the Russian occupiers. And this is obvious - because neither queues at the borders, nor long waits in traffic jams, nor evacuation trains, in which people stand for twenty hours, did not exist in Ukraine until February 24.
Fake. The Ukrainian military fired a missile at the Bangladeshi-flagged Banglar Samriddhu.

This information is spread on social networks, but it's fake, as VoxCheck checkers found out.

"The Russian navy inflicted the missile strike on the ship. According to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, on March 2 at 17:25, Russian naval forces launched a missile strike on the ship Banglar Samriddhu (flag of Bangladesh), which was in the port of Olbia in the Mykolayiv region. A Bangladeshi citizen was killed when a rocket hit. The vessel entered the port on February 23 and was waiting for loading at the №363 berth without the possibility of exiting due to illegal navigation warnings about restrictions on navigation from the Russian navy," the statement reads.
Message. The goal of the West is to undermine the economic potential of Russia and Belarus and worsen the quality of life of its citizens.

Russian politicians and the media are spreading this statement, trying to further turn citizens in Russia and abroad, especially in Germany and France, against the "collective West".

НIn fact, this statement is manipulative, as most of the sanctions imposed on Russia are aimed at the country's political leadership, elites, defense and financial sectors, etc. And the purpose of these economic measures is not to undermine the so-called potential of Russia and Belarus, it is a response to aggression and full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Fake. The tank attack on Mykolaiv is expected at 14:00.

Vitaliy Kim, the head of Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration, reported that an old fake recording with allegedly his voice about tank attack on Mykolaiv at 2 PM has been shared on social media. Kim added that there were no tank groups near the city.
Fake. The Ukrainian military abducted a UN representative in Kharkiv.

Such information is spread by social media users. It is reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine kidnapped a United Nations representative in Kharkiv, and also arrived at the UN base in Kramatorsk and confiscated employees’ vehicles.

It is not true. Fake has already been refuted by fact checkers from VoxCheck. Ukrainian armed forces fighters did not abduct the UN representative in Kharkiv. Read more
Fake. The State Emergency Service of Ukraine has released a staged video of how Ukrainian disposal experts defuse aviation bomb.

This information is disseminated on the Internet regarding the video where Ukrainian disposal experts defuse a high-explosive air-dropped bomb OFZAB-500. The messages say that these types of bombs have thin lining, and when falling the weapon would have exploded. According to StopFake, propagandists claim that there are no traces of a falling bomb on earth.

“Some users on Twitter are also skeptical about the video and think that it was staged since the experts defuse the bomb without any type of protection. However, this video was released on the official page of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. The video features OFZAB-500 high explosive fragmentation incendiary bomb that is prohibited by the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons for use in areas of civilian concentration. Defusion was executed in Chernihiv, on March 9, after another bombardment of the city by russian aviation.” - fact-checkers write.
Fake. Video of Zelensky’s visit to the hospital with wounded Ukrainian defenders was recorded in advance - back in February.

This information is spread by russian propagandists and Ukrainian pro-russian politicians. In particular, by Illia Kyva. These messages say that on the video Zelensky is escorted by Inna Derusova who died while performing a combat mission on February 26, in Okhtyrka, Sumska oblast.

In fact, the video didn’t show Inna Derusova but Tetiana Ostashchenko who was appointed as Commander of the Medical Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the summer of 2021. Read more
Fake. Residents of Kherson rejoice at the arrival of Russia.

Pro-Kremlin telegram channels spread a fake that people in Kherson were "rejoicing over the arrival of Russia". During the March 13 celebration of the city's liberation from Nazi aggressors, locals allegedly "welcomed the arrival of Russian troops" in the city. In fact, on March 13 in Kherson, several thousand people took part in peaceful action with posters and Ukrainian flags. They also chanted "Go home", "Go home while alive", "Ukraine above all", "Glory of the nation — death to enemies", "Russian soldier, go f*ck yourself", "Kherson is Ukraine", "Russia is a shitbin, Ukraine gonna win." Later, at a rally, the occupiers opened fire. In addition, the SBU previously reported that occupiers were brought Russians from occupied Crimea to the city to create a "picture for the Russian media."
Fake. Zhytomyr regional council announced an emergency evacuation of citizens.

The website of the Zhytomyr Regional Council was hacked on March 13 — it published a fake announcement about the emergency evacuation of citizens. The fake message also called for "not to resist the occupiers." For some time, the site stopped working, and the Zhytomyr Regional Council reported a cyber attack.

Fake. SBU introduces new rules of communication.

The Security Service of Ukraine has denied the fake information that all phone calls and messages, and calls on Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook will be recorded in Ukraine.

Details here and here.
Fake. 180 foreigners were killed near Lviv by Russian missiles.

Russia's Defense Ministry claims that "at least 180 foreign mercenaries were killed and a large consignment of foreign weapons" destroyed due to Russian missiles hitting military installations in the Lviv region on the morning of March 13. The report refers to the shelling of the International Peacekeeping and Security Center in the village of Starychi, Yavoriv district, Lviv region.

In a comment to CNN, Markiyan Lubkivskyi, a spokesman for Ukraine's Defense Ministry, denied the presence of foreigners in the centre at all and called the fake "untrue and purely Russian propaganda." According to the Lviv Regional Military Administration, and 134 were injured in the shelling of the Yavoriv test site, where the centre is located.
Fake. In the Ivano-Frankivsk region, evacuated children left without custody can be adopted in a matter of hours.

The information is being spread on the wen that evacuated children who lost their parents in areas with no combat operations can be quickly adopted. In particular, the reports say that children can be adopted in a few hours in Ivano-Frankivsk region. However, the head of the regional military administration Svitlana Onyschuk denies such information.

“There is information that a child can be adopted in two or three hours, even without documents. This is not true. The adoption procedure remains unchanged. All the children we are currently under supervision. Our educators also take care of them. They are examined by doctors. We take care of children as if they were our own,” Onyschuk said.
Phishing. Ukrainians are getting letters on behalf of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) asking them to support the army.

The NBU notes that they do not send such letters, and the messages received by people contain payment details of fraudsters.

“The National Bank of Ukraine urges citizens to be vigilant and careful in the information space. Please note that the National Bank does not send letters to citizens by e-mail. All information on financial assistance in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and humanitarian purposes is published exclusively through the official channels of the National Bank—on the official website page and social networks of the NBU," says the statement.
Fake.After March 12 it would be impossible to withdraw cash from Ukrainian payment cards.

Such information has been spread online. Such messages say that money from payment cards had to be withdrawn in cash on March 12, because on that day the System of Electronic Payments of the National Bank of Ukraine (SEP) was working, and in the next few days it will not be possible to do so. However, this is a fake, which was refuted by the National Bank of Ukraine.

According to the report, SEP works every day — 23 hours and seven days per week. Read more
Fake. Ukrainian missile shot down Romanian helicopter.

Russian propaganda is spreading information that Ukrainian missile allegedly shot down a Romanian helicopter. In such messages, propagandists refer to the "official" statements of the Romanian side. However, according to StopFake, the Romanian Ministry of National Defense immediately eliminated such scenario.

"The plane crash in Romania happened on March 2, and since then Russian propaganda has been actively working to artificially involve Ukraine in it. Articles that a Romanian helicopter was shot down by a Ukrainian missile have been published by Tsargrad, Pravda.ru, Podmoskovye Segodnya, Newsfront and others,” the fact-checkers write. Read more
Fake. Ukraine was preparing an attack on Belarus.

Statements that Ukraine was preparing an offensive against Belarus are widely spread on Russian websites. Such materials refer to the words of the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

In fact, the Ukrainian army has not planned, does not plan and will not plan any aggressive actions against Belarus, writes StopFake, citing the words of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov. "Any attempt to accuse Ukraine of preparing an attack on the Republic of Belarus is a provocation and an excuse for involving the Belarusian army in Russia's war against Ukraine," the statement said. Read more
Disclosure. Russia has prepared a manual on spreading fakes about Ukraine.

The so-called manual has been distributed to anonymous telegram channels. It was noticed by the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council. The manual stated four basic rules for creating fakes: it should be banal and with a touch of absurdity; the fake should contain a powerful message and leave room for audience’s own fantasies;it should take into account local peculiarities and be repeated many times.

The Center urges not to succumb to information provocations and not to share unverified information from anonymous sources in chats or direct messages. Read more
Fake. An explosion took place in Mukachevo, Zakarpattia.

Такі Such information has been disseminated on social media. However, this is not true. According to the Mukachevo City Council, everything is calm in the city. This morning an air raid siren was heard in the Zakarpattia region, but there were no explosions in Mukachevo.

"In Mukachevo, as well as in Zakarpattia, after the all clear signal, everything went back to normal," said the City Council.
Fake. Ukraine refuses to repair power lines at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

According to StopFake, in fact, Ukraine is ready to start the renovation of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant at any moment, but Russia is preventing this. The International Atomic Energy Agency and the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group call on Russia to immediately restore Ukraine’s control over all nuclear facilities.

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Fake. Ukraine does not need Kherson, it has surrendered the city.

According to the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council, the enemy is producing a wave of disinformation aimed at the residents of Kherson. "Kherson is the only large Ukrainian city that has been under temporary Russian occupation since the beginning of a new phase of the war. Russian propaganda is actively "working" with the minds of the local residents, and through its agents in Kherson is spreading false messages that are beneficial to Russia and discredit the actions of the Ukrainian authorities," the Center said in a statement. Among the messages there are the following: "Kherson has been left", "Ukraine does not need Kherson", "Ukraine has left the civilians without means of subsistence."

In fact, this is not the case at all. "Ukraine will never leave the people of Kherson in trouble. Сonsidering the situation at the front line, the Ukrainian army is reckless to start fighting within the city, sacrificing civilians. Ukraine highly appreciates the efforts of the local residents, who, despite the temporary occupation of Russia, go out to rallies in support of Ukraine," the Center added.
Fake. Lists of citizens whose utility bills are canceled during martial law have been created in Ukraine.

This fake is refuted by Zakarpattiaoblenerho (electric utility company in Zakarpattia). According to the company, in recent days they have received calls from consumers saying that in Ukraine there are lists of citizens whose payment for utilities during martial law will be canceled. In fact, this is not true. "Such fake messages are aimed at destabilizing the situation and destroying the system of public utilities in Ukraine!", says the statement. Please be reminded that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has banned the fines in case of late or incomplete payment for housing and public utilities during martial law. However, this does not mean that there is no need to pay for public utilities during the war.
Fake. A bridge was mined in Kam'yanets'-Podil's'kyi.

The head of the Khmelnytsky regional military administration, Serhii Gamaly, denied information about the mining of the bridge over the Smotrych River in Kam'yanets'-Podil's'kyi ( the bridge is called "Running deer"). Gamaliy said that the bridge is guarded by territorial defense fighters and there is always someone there.
Phishing. Ukrainians are getting phishing letters which "increase information security".

These letters have been sent on behalf of government agencies. The letters allegedly contain instructions on improving information security and include a website link for downloading "critical updates". The download of the file lead to comuter damage by the Cobalt Strike Beacon malware. Under no circumstances should you follow the link and download the file. If you have received or opened this letter, please notify cert@cert.gov.ua.

Fake. Putin has the support of Svatovo.

The Luhansk regional state administration reported that ten unknown people in Svatovo impersonated the local residents and recorded a video in support of the Putin regime. The occupiers are distributing this video and propaganda letters. This is psychological pressure, the purpose of which is to "expose to as many Ukrainians as possible that everyone is supposedly waiting for Russia." The Luhansk regional state administration has also made public the instructions on recording such videos.

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Manipulation. Zelensky is ashamed to declare war.

Pro-Russian Telegram channels share a common message that the world and international organizations are not calling the Russian invasion of Ukraine a war because "Zelensky is ashamed to declare it." All the while, the President of Ukraine has repeatedly called the Russian invasion of Ukraine a war, while the Russian Federation denies this fact and uses a number of terms among which are "Special Operation" and "Rescue Operation." Within this "operation" Russian occupants strike objects of civilian infrastructure and kill civilians.

The statements that other countries do not call the events occuring in Ukraine "a war" are incorrect. The posts in question give the example of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine which called the war "Putin's conflict in Ukraine." The United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken has repeatedly called the Russian invasion a war and has called for its cessation in his addresses.
Manipulation. The Criminal Code has been repealed in Ukraine.

Pro-Russian telegram channels are spreading this thesis, criticizing the new law on ensuring civilians' participation in Ukraine's defence. Such reports argue that civilians can allegedly kill anyone if they believe that "the victim committed aggression against Ukraine." The same law stipulates that civilians may use weapons in the same way as the military ("the use of firearms by civilians is similar to the use of weapons by servicemen in carrying out their tasks to repel armed aggression against Ukraine").

In addition, the alleged "abolition" of the Criminal Code is a blatant lie. After all, other laws - №7116 and №7124 - increased criminal liability in Ukraine, namely for looting and treason or sabotage.
Fake. The British Minister of Defense stated that service members who fight in Ukraine would probably be prosecuted after their return.

Russian propaganda media spread such reports amid the proliferation of a volunteer movement in which EU and NATO troops are coming to defend Ukraine. Such reports cite a falsified translation of a statement by British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

In fact, according to the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council the official translation of the official's statement does not say a word about the foreign legion and the punishment of its members.
Fake. The Ukrainian military was hiding ammunition within the energy blocks of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plan and attempted to attack the station.

In reality, the Zaporizhzhia NPP was captured by the Russian military, although propaganda media sources state that Ukraine handed over the station to them after "negotiations." Additionally, Russian media state that their military allegedly fought off a "carefully planned attack from neo-nazis of the Zaporizhzhia NPP" and of the Russian "patrol." All of this is false.

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Fake. Pregnant with a photo after the shelling of a maternity hospital in Mariupol — a model.

In the Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom, Russian media and propagandists spread a fake that a pregnant woman from a photo taken after the maternity hospital in Mariupol was a model, blogger Marianna Pidhurska. However, the blogger's Instagram shows that she is really pregnant. Also, judging by geotags and messages on her Instagram, she permanently lives in Mariupol. One of her last posts is a list of shelter cities in Mariupol.

The Russian embassy in Britain also wrote that the photo was taken by Yevhen Maloletka, a well-known Ukrainian photographer. However, the embassy released a photo taken by another photographer, Mstyslav Chernov.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that "two-stage explosions occurred near the G3 Hospital in Mariupol." According to him, the airstrike is "a completely staged provocation to support the anti-Russian excitement in the Western audience." The Russian media spread this lie. Russian propaganda also spreads the statement of Russia's official representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzi, who said on March 8, "all staff of the maternity hospital №1 in Mariupol were expelled, the Armed Forces equipped it with a firing position." In fact, on March 9 in Mariupol, the maternity hospital №2 was bombed.

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Message. NATO is deliberately not closing the sky above Ukraine to drain Russia.

These kinds of messages are being transmitted in pro-Russian telegram channels. On the "Panchenko" telegram channel, NATO's position is characterized as cowardly due to its continuing refusals to close the skies above Ukraine. In the message, it is also said that NATO is interested in prolonging the war (even though the channel calls the war itself a conflict.) The core idea is this: the longer the war, the weaker Russia becomes and Ukraine is being pitied by no one. In reality, there are no official reasons to state the above. This rhetoric only discredits Ukrainian allies in this war.
Fake. Arsen Avakov was killed in Kharkiv.

Russian propagandists have spread fake news that former Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov allegedly died during the Russian bombing of Kharkiv. Avakov recorded a video in response to this message. "First I want to see how Putin dies, his stinking empire falls apart, and Ukraine wins and prospers! This is what would happen! And together with many Ukrainians, I am here in Kyiv! There is no f*cking way you will succeed, comrade propagandists,", — he said.
Exposing. Some international media are again spreading fakes about the Azov Battalion and the activities of neo-Nazis.

The Chinese edition of the Global Times published an "investigative material" accusing the Ukrainian Azov Battalion (which later became a regiment) of "neo-Nazism" and the US government of financing radicals. According to StopFake, in this way, they want to demonize Azov, and this allows Russia and its apologists to fan the myth of the alleged rise of radical right-wing sentiment in Ukrainian society.

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Fake. The United States planned to use Ukrainian birds and mosquitoes to transmit disease to Russia.

It's hard to believe, but Russia's Defense Ministry continues to report "findings" that seem to confirm the "development of biological weapons" in laboratories allegedly set up by the Pentagon in Ukraine. For example, on March 10, the Russian Defense Ministry said it had found evidence of "experiments with bat coronavirus", hinting that it was in Ukraine that they could create a covid. Earlier, the pro-Russian anonymous telegram channels and the Russian media wrote a lot about the fact that the COVID was created in Ukraine with the help of the Pentagon багато писали проросійські анонімні телеграм-канали та російські ЗМІ – the last wave of such fakes was at the end of 2020. But this time, the Russian Defense Ministry added more fantastic details. Now they have come up with a "project to study the transfer of pathogens of birds migrating between Ukraine and Russia," The Pentagon tried to create birds that would carry "African swine fever and anthrax" to Russia. Moreover, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, Foreign Minister Lavrov and propagandist Tina Kandilaki, all these viruses were "adapted to the Slavic ethnic group". For this purpose, biological samples collected in Ukraine were allegedly sent from Ukraine to the United States.

In general, the United States planned to use not only birds but also insects as weapons against the Russians: "Adaptation of viruses to the Slavic ethnic group in Ukrainian laboratories is the most terrible and dangerous threat to our country. There is no war worse: there is protection against a missile flying in our direction, but against a mosquito infected with polio or meningitis (no)… "- writes Kandilaki. Lavrov also announced today the creation of "ethnically oriented" biological weapons in Ukraine. However, Lavrov and the Russian Defence Ministry have not yet decided how mosquitoes will distinguish Slavic-Russians from Slavic-Ukrainians, and how migratory birds define Kandelaki's state borders.

It will be recalled that there have never been "American Pentagon bio laboratories" in Ukraine — this is a Russian fake, which has been circulating since 2010 and has been debunked many times. Only during the war in Ukraine was it denied by the Pentagon, the US State Department, EU representatives, the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Fake. Ukraine threatens the European Union to cut gas transit.

This statement is spread in the Kremlin media with the emphasis that Ukraine is blackmailing the EU by cutting the transit of gas in order to obtain new arms supplies and air defense. According to StopFake, this is not true.

"Officially, representatives of the Ukrainian government say that any restrictions on gas supplies should be a part of a package of sanctions against Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine," the fact-checkers said.

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Message. The United States wants Russian troops to destroy even more cities in Ukraine.

Such messages are spread in telegram channels controlled by the Russian secret services. In particular, this message was posted on the ‘Resident’ telegram channel. Such messages state that the United States is afraid of Putin and his threats.

In fact, this statement is manipulative and has no evidence. In this way, Russian propagandists probably want to discredit Ukraine's ally and neglect all the support Ukraine has received from the United States.
Fake. Zelensky is ready to admit that Crimea is Russian and that the "republics" in Donbas are independent.

This information is spread as propaganda through the Russian media. In this way, they proliferate the idea that Ukraine is ready to surrender and capitulate in the near future.

Fact checkers from StopFake disproved the story. According to their report, President Zelensky had not spoken about Ukraine's intention to recognize Crimea and the Luhansk and Donetsk Peoples Republics as Russian. He has reiterated that the responsibility for the deaths of Ukrainians lies entirely on Russian terrorists and Putin personally. Read more
Fake. The shelling of the maternity hospital in Mariupol is staged.

Russian media and propagandists have spread fake information that the March 9 shelling on the maternity hospital in Mariupol was staged. Propagandists spread similar statements that there were no staff or women in labor present at the maternity hospital. Instead they allege that only Azov fighters had been based there. The Russian media referred to a fake report on the Russian website Lenta.Ru (published before the bombing of Mariupol), which stated that the city maternity hospital №2 in Mariupol had been seized by "fighters of either the Armed Forces or Azov battalion.” Russia 1 further reports that the maternity hospital had been bombed by Right Sector fighters.

In reality, the air raid on the maternity hospital by Russian occupiers was confirmed by the President of Ukraine, local authorities, as well as the police. As a result of the air strike, 17 people (children, women, doctors) were injured, three died, including one child – a girl. The police have launched an investigation under Article 438 (violation of the laws or customs of war) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.
Manipulation. Ukrainians are sent phishing "letters of approval for cash security."

They are sent from the "Minister" mailbox (mariya@posish.club) with the subject "letter of approval of cash security". In addition, the email contains a "support.xlsx" attachment that downloads malicious FormBook software when opened. Suppose you have opened a file as an attachment. In that case, the government's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UA) advises you to immediately change passwords to accounts stored and used on your computer, email clients, browser passwords, and more.

Fake. Jews are being attacked en masse in Ukraine.

According to the Institute of Mass Media, according to the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Osman Moshe Reuven, some Hebrew and English-language media spread the news that in Zhytomyr, "local Ukrainians are attacking Jews en masse." However, this is fake. According to the Zhytomyr rabbi, there were no such situations.

Read more
Message. Russia does not aim to overthrow the current government in Ukraine.

Such a statement by the speaker of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zakharova is quoted by pro-Russian telegram channels. However, this is manipulation because even at the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Russian authorities called it a process of so-called denazification and demilitarization, and the current leaders of Ukraine — a bunch of Nazis.
Message. The Ukrainian military destroyed bridges in vain because the Russian army could move without them.

Pro-Russian telegram channels spread the thesis that the Russian military could cross rivers without bridges, so the Ukrainian military vainly destroyed them. In such reports, the actions of the Ukrainian army are called the destruction of Ukraine, and the Russian military is praised because, according to propagandists, they can cross the river on military equipment.

The Ukrainian military blocked bridges to prevent the occupiers from advancing and occupying new Ukrainian cities.
Fake. Ukraine evacuates only international students from Sumy.

Russian propaganda media spread such a message which is not true. As a result, civilians were evacuated from the city: international students and Ukrainian residents.

Read more
Manipulation. Ukrainian politicians do not die in the war with Russia.

The pro-Russian anonymous telegram channel "Legitimate" wrote that the governor of the Mykolaiv area Vitaly Kim called on inhabitants of Mykolaiv "to prepare Molotov cocktails" but didn't warn that all who "will take in hands an incendiary mix" can shoot. Kim asked to collect tires and then pay them and stop the Russian tanks with smoke. In addition, the pro-Russian telegram channel lied, noting that no Ukrainian politician, whose cities are controlled by the Russian military, was killed. In fact, on March 6, the Russian occupiers shot dead Gostomel Mayor Yuri Prilipko as he was distributing food and medicine to residents. And the mayor of Bucha, Anatoliy Fedoruk, was injured.
Fake. In Ukraine, all government websites have been hacked.

Russian propagandists have been spreading such information on social networks since the beginning of March. Allegedly, due to the hacker attack, "755 websites of the Ukrainian authorities" were hacked, and "the entire government Internet" stopped working.

According to VoxCheck, these are sites with the domain gov.ua. "Some posts include screenshots of several such sites, which now display calls for the Ukrainian military to "lay down their arms," as well as fake appeals on behalf of Volodymyr Zelensky that he allegedly signed a peace treaty with Russia," VoxCheck writes. However, all this is fake. According to fact-checkers, hackers hacked only specific sites of regional authorities. Read more
Fake. Ukraine was preparing an offensive on Donbas in March 2022.

Pro-Kremlin media are spreading a document - a "secret order of the commander of the National Guard of Ukraine" - which allegedly states that "Ukraine was preparing an offensive" on the occupied parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions in March 2022. In addition, the published documents refer to a training fee in the Lviv region. However, the National Guard told StopFake that the document published by the Russian media was not secret and had nothing to do with Donbas, nor did it mention any offensive targets. In addition, the Ukrainian leadership has repeatedly stated its commitment to a diplomatic approach to resolving the conflict in Donbas and Crimea.

Read more

Fake. More than 2 million Ukrainians want to be evacuated to Russia.

The Russian Ministry of Defense is spreading unreliable information - allegedly, 2.5 million Ukrainians are asking to be evacuated to Russia. Instead, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is constantly updating data on Ukraine, which shows that from February 24 to March 8, 2022, about 99,300 Ukrainians left for Russia (5% of the total number of refugees). In total, about two million people left Ukraine due to the war, most Ukrainians going to Poland and from there to other European countries. At the same time, the Russian media is trying to create the impression that Ukrainians are helping the Russian military, fleeing Ukraine to Russia and seeking residence and citizenship certificates. According to StopFake, these plots are staged.

Read more
Exposing. Russian propagandists are trying to sow panic among the population of Ukrainian cities.

In particular, according to the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council, in Berdyansk, the occupiers are distributing leaflets, the main narrative of which is the need for Ukraine to join Russia. Furthermore, the text of such leaflets speaks of Russia's alleged struggle against Nazi groups, including the Azov Regiment. The statement reads that the enemy presents all this as an unalterable version of events," the statement reads.

Propagandists are also conducting propaganda radio broadcasts in Mariupol. "The enemy is threatening the city's population, noting that the only way to survive is to stop resisting, surrender weapons and leave the city through ''humanitarian corridors'' created by Russia. But the propaganda methods of their propaganda of the 1940s do not work for Ukrainians," the Center reports.
Fake. Ukraine threatens to seize Russia.

Pro-Kremlin media are spreading a message about "Ukraine's aggression against Russia", in the framework of which they created a new fake - allegedly "the Ukrainian leadership is threatening to seize Russia." According to StopFake, this fake is dispersed regarding the "decision" of the National Security and Defense Council, which allegedly states that "Ukraine can launch an invasion of Russia." This fake news is based on a letter from the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Alexei Danilov, who spoke about the criminal prosecution of the Russian leadership for their crimes in Ukraine.

Read more
Exposing. The occupiers are massively sending proposals to the leaders of Ukrainian cities and regions to surrender.

According to the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council, the proposal to cooperate with the Russian invaders with promises of saving lives and enrichment was received by the mayor of Irpen Olexander Markushin. The mayor replied that Irpin is not for rent or sale.

"A similar proposal from the aggressor to start negotiations and hand over the city came to the deputy head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Roman Semenus. Again, the enemy received an angry response," — the Center said.
Fake. Ukrainian military mines apartment buildings in Mariupol.

This statement is spread by Russian propaganda media but illustrates the news with the explosions that the Russian military staged in Irpen. “Fake also published propaganda Telegram channels. The message appeared simultaneously on dozens of channels. But the propagandists did not provide any additional details, except for the statements of the separatist Denis Pushylin, ”StopFake writes.

In fact, according to the Mariupol City Council, Mariupol and Volnovakha are under constant fire from the occupiers, who began to mine the city. Read more
Fake. There is a problem with water quality in Kyiv.

It is rumoured that delays in logistics caused by the war have cut off chlorine supplies to the capital's Vodokanal. This has allegedly led to a deterioration in drinking water quality. However, this is not true.

This fake is refuted by the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council. Kyivvodokanal has sufficient reagents stocks for water disinfection following sanitary requirements. The centre adds that 40% of water in Kyiv is disinfected without chlorine, more modern reagents.
Fake. Anthony Blinken, during his visit to Lithuania, said that the Russian army is far superior to the Ukrainian one and can "grind" it.

The Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council states that this is deliberate misinformation in the framework of the information war against Ukraine.

"In fact, in an interview with CNN on March 6, US Secretary of State E. Blinken said that the Kremlin leader's war against Ukraine was doomed to failure and that despite gaining control of some Ukrainian cities, Putin was destined to lose because of the courage and fierce resistance of Ukrainians." - it is said in the message.
Manipulation. The Ukrainian authorities blocked the Shariy channel because they fought for ratings and popularity.

Such messages are broadcast by telegram channels administered by Russia's intelligence services. In particular, the Cartel telegram channel writes that the authorities "envied Shariy's initiative, the help to the people that he organized as soon as the government did not do so”.

Actually, YouTube video hosting blocked the channel of propagandist Anatoliy Shariy in Ukraine. The hosting said that the content on the Shariy channel is not available due to complaints of illegality. Earlier, Meta Corporation blocked a Facebook propagandist on the territory of Ukraine. Read more about who Anatoliy Shariy is at the link.
Manipulation. Western countries are abandoning sanctions against Russia and do not want to give Ukraine EU candidate status.

The telegram channels administered by the Russian services are widely spreading the message that Western countries will gradually abandon the sanctions imposed on Russia due to the attack on Ukraine. In particular, the Gossip Girl writes channel that while NATO "refuses to provide weapons and close the skies over Ukraine, the West does not even want to give EU candidate status. That's all you need to know about Europe's support!" There is a similar message about Great Britain.

There are no official grounds to say that Western countries refuse to help Ukraine and lift sanctions en masse. On the contrary, such a message is beneficial to propagandists to give the impression that "everything is gone" Ukraine was left without support in the fight against Russia.
Fake. Former Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valery Chaly advocated for Ukraine's declaration of neutrality.

This fake is spread by Russian propagandists. However, this is a lie that has already been refuted by the fact-checkers from StopFake.

“Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States (2015-2019) Valery Chaly did not make any statements about the need to declare Ukraine a neutral status. On the contrary, Chaly emphasized that the Constitution of Ukraine clearly determines the country's integration aspirations," — said in the report.
Fake. To stay in touch, you need to send an SMS to 5010 and join the promotion for free.

The SBU office in the Vinnytsia region has warned about a new fake sent to mobile phones. «Everyone who has run out of money on a mobile phone and is not able to top up the phone number, send an SMS to number 5010 with any text, the communication campaign is automatically connected for free. Please disseminate this information», — the statement reads. The SBU of the region urged to use only official sources of information.
Fake. Conscripts and cadets from Russia are not fighting in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials have repeatedly stated that only professional soldiers, officers and contractors, are involved in the war in Ukraine. However, this is a lie. According to StopFake, there is some evidence that Russia uses conscripts in the war with Ukraine. In particular, this was confirmed by a member of the Russian Federation Council, Lyudmila Narusova. "On Friday, March 4, she announced during a meeting of the chamber about significant losses among conscripts," the fact-checkers wrote.

More details
Message. Propagandists claim that the West, not the Russian Federation, is trying to kill Volodymyr Zelensky.

Here they again draw on the narrative of "external governance" to remind us that Ukraine is a pawn of the collective West. They use a variety of metaphors and comparisons. In particular, they talk about the events in Ukraine as a TV series with screenwriters from Hollywood. The main character - Volodymyr Zelenskyy - can quickly become an antihero or die mysteriously at the end of the series.
Fake. The Ukrainian military ignored the green corridor and took civilians hostage, in Irpen.

Propagandists are spreading information on the Internet that the Ukrainian military has thwarted an evacuation in Irpen and taken several of its citizens hostages. In this way, Russian propaganda seeks to denigrate and discredit the Armed Forces. The Russian military began attacking Irpin in the Kyiv region in the early days of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. According to StopFake, during the green corridor, the aggressor deliberately blew up the railway on the way to the city - as a result, two cars of the evacuation train derailed.

More details
Fake. Territorial defence exceeds its authority.

Russian propagandists say that territorial defence detains, searches and inhumanely treats civilians for no reason. They give no evidence, but they keep repeating that the territorial defence consists of "criminals" with weapons.
Message. A group of telegram channels administered by the Russian special services continue to discredit Ukrainian territorial defence.

Anonymous propagandists claim that looters pretend to be a territorial defence to "clean" apartments. They say that looters don't leave witnesses, so no one can tell about their crimes. However, if there are no witnesses and no one can tell, how do the anonymous telegram channels know about it.
Fake.Evidence of secret biological experiments in Pentagon laboratories is being destroyed in Ukraine.

Today in the Russian media, in particular in RIA Novosti, there was a fake that allegedly on the orders of Foreign Minister Viktor Lyashko in the "Pentagon laboratories in Ukraine" on February 24, the day Russia attacked Ukraine, destroyed the cultures of pathogens that they were stored. And that this "order" seems to be evidence of the development of components of biological weapons in Ukraine. Russian media also published photos of the documents - without the minister's signature and with many grammatical errors. There is no word in these "documents" about "secret experiments" or "biological weapons development", but only a list of pathogens stored in Ukrainian laboratories - as in other laboratories around the world - and claims that they were destroyed. The list of what was allegedly destroyed by "order of the Ministry of Health" includes anthrax, as well as diphtheria, candidiasis and common urinary tract infections. According to the DM, Minister Lyashko is now preparing to refute this fake.

UPDATED March 7: The Ministry of Health has denied reports of alleged "emergency cleanup of the US Department of Defense-funded military-biological program" and "destruction of particularly dangerous pathogens" at the Poltava and Kharkiv Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The fake about the existence of "US biological laboratories in Ukraine" was created in Russia during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych (2010 - 2014), and was actively spread in all countries of the former Soviet Union that joined the Nunn-Lugar program, under which the Pentagon allocated funds to modernize laboratories which working with various pathogens. Fakes about the creation of biological weapon in them were spread in Georgia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. At the same time, Russia was also a member of the same program until 2021. Covid and Viktor Medvedchuk (Ukrainian pro-Russian politician) gave a new life to the fake about the Pentagon's biological laboratories, claiming that it was through them that Ukrainians became ill with measles and that biological weapon being developed in them. Now the Russian Defense Ministry is spreading this fake again.

Fake. Ukraine is working on the development of nuclear weapons.

The Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council says that the stories about the nuclear weapon in Ukraine is a myth of the Russian government. This is done in order to position Ukraine as a country that develops a nuclear arsenal.

In particular, propagandists claim that in recent years Kyiv has had an active interest in uranium mining. They also state that Ukraine was close to creating a nuclear charge based on spent nuclear fuel in a few months. The propagandists say that Kyiv used the Chornobyl zone to produce plutonium and make a "dirty bomb", the simplest radiological weapon, consisting of radioactive material and explosives. Finally, they claim that the United States assisted Ukraine in its nuclear program and that the nuclear device was assembled on the basis of the School of Physics and Technology of University of Kharkiv. However, according to the Center, everything mentioned above is untrue.
Manipulation. A group of telegram channels administered by Russian intelligence services claim that Zelensky is using civilians as a weapon against the Russian military.

Manipulators involve the fact that Ukrainians are not evacuated from cities that are regularly under attack. Detector Media recorded such rhetoric on the fourth day of the war, but it is very dangerous to evacuate civilians in large numbers, both then and now, without green corridors.

The propagandists explain that Zelensky is deliberately making sacrifices among the civilians in order to maintain the image for the media and foreign partners. As if, that's how Ukraine is asking for weapons.
Manipulation. Anonymous telegram channels administered by Russian intelligence services are trying to undermine credibility of official Ukrainian government concerning the reports on war losses.

Propagandists claim that the tactic of hiding the real number of deaths in Ukraine has already been adopted. Supposedly, it has been worked out since the beginning of the war in Donbass. They claim that no one inform relatives about deaths, but instead it is reported that soldiers went missing. However, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and volunteer organizations have been running the database of dead and missing Ukrainian soldiers and civilians since 2014.
Disclosure. To spread panic among Ukrainians, panic messages were sent online from newly created "patriotic" accounts with Ukrainian symbols in Ukrainian and Russian.

According to the Ministry of Defense, such posts state that “Everything is lost!”, “Help Kyiv (Kherson, Chernihiv, etc., depending on the operational situation)”; “We were all abandoned!” etc.

The Ministry of Defense urges Ukrainians to filter information and trust only verified sources.
Fake. Thousands of foreign students were taken hostage by the nationalists.

This information was spread by the president of the enemy country, Vladimir Putin. He said that “foreigners were taken hostage by Ukrainian nationalists—more than six thousand young students have been held at the station for three days.” The information was widely spread by Russian media and through telegram channels.

However, this is a cynical lie, which is refuted by fact checkers from StopFake. According to the statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine denies the allegations that the Ukrainian authorities have created obstacles for the departure of residents of the surrounded cities. More details.
Fake. Once received the firearms from the government, Ukrainians start looting and killing civilians.

According to StopFake media, there is no evidence of the murder of civilians, as well as looting, performed by the members of Territorial Defense Forces or the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Instead, there exists plenty of documentary evidence of murders of the civilian population, performed by the Russian military during its invasion into Ukraine.

More details
Fake. Ukrainians will be called from unknown numbers to target air bombs.

The State Special Communications Servicedenied the fake information that Ukrainians will be called at night from unknown numbers to target air bombs. Experts explained it is impossible to establish the exact location of the person. Accordingly, it is impossible to set targets for air bombardment as well.

Manipulation. Phishing letters from Ukr.net are allegedly sent to Ukrainians.

They are sent from the box muthuprakash.b@tvsrubber.com with the subject "Attention". The letters allegedly write about an attempt to log in from an IP address in Donetsk and call for an immediate change of the password at the link. Under no circumstances should you follow the link and enter the password, because then the attackers will have access to the e-mail.

More details

Fake. The so-called letter of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov about the "extraordinary meeting of the NSDC Office of Ukraine" is being spread in pro-Russian telegram channels.

In fact, this document does not exist, as well as the so-called “meetings of the Office”. Such form of work does not exist in the Office of NSDC. The fake letter says that the meeting should consider issues related to the alleged "destruction of the Armed Forces", "NATO's refusal to help", the "conflict between the Armed Forces and Azov", and other delusions.

The Center for Counteracting Disinformation at NSDC states states that this information is fake and provocative.
Phishing. Ukrainians are allegedly receiving letters from the press service of Suspilne (the Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine) asking them to download the attachment.

According to the company's website, Suspilne did not send letters with such call. “The letters ask to “unpack” the file and run the program. We ask you not to do this under any circumstances! After all, attackers can steal your personal data in this way. Also keep in mind that the official newsletter from the Suspilne comes from the official mail press@suspilne.media,” the statement says.
Fake. Television tower in Melitopol was taken over, occupiers are now broadcasting Russian TV.

Such information is shared online, but according to the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine, this is not true. “No digital television transmitter on the TV tower in Melitopol is currently working. Broadcasting in Melitopol is carried out with the help of an analog transmitter located outside the TV tower, which is not related to Broadcasting, Radiocommunications & Television Concern,” — the statement says.
Fake. Ukrainian army is bombing the residents of Donbass.

This information was shared by French journalist Anne-Laure Bonnell. Fake has already been refuted by fact-checkers from StopFake. According to the report, since the beginning of the open invasion of Ukraine, the Russian occupation forces have been intentionally shelling residential areas and civilians in Donbas.

More details
Fake. Volodymyr Zelensky left Ukraine.

In Kherson region, the occupiers are spreading another fake that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has left the country. But this is not true. Olena Shulyak, the head of the Servant of the People political party, writes about this. “The President is in Kyiv. He is with his people! The footage broadcasted in the Kherson region by occupiers is a lie,” the statement reads.
Fake social media pages of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defense were created on the web.

The Ministry of Defense reminded that their page has a verified badge. In addition, fake pages launched paide advertising. The Ministry of Defense say that they do not buy ads at all. Instead, the Security Service of Ukraine urged not to open the advertisement launched by Russia. «There are scripts hidden under the pictures to gain access to the Telegram channels», — the intelligence service said.

Manipulation. Ukrainians are getting phishing “letters of justice”.

Government officials and citizens of Ukraine recieve emails with malicious software attached. They are sent from the mailbox jowhar@xintongwood.club with "Letter" in the subject line. Under no circumstances should you open and download attached files.

More details
Fake. There is information spread on the web that at the beginning of the war, on February 24th, the people of Mariupol tried to disarm the Ukrainian military and take control of the checkpoints.

However, as VoxCheck writes, this is not true. "The video that was allegedly recorded in Mariupol, which shows outbreaks and should confirm this fact, was actually shot in late January," the fact-checkers note.

More details.
Fake. Ukrainians are grateful to Russia for humanitarian aid and liberation.

Russian and pro-Kremlin media spread fake information that Ukrainians are allegedly grateful to Russia for “the humanitarian aid and liberation”: “the Russian military provides local residents of the liberated settlements with food supplies.” The Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine denied this information, emphasizing that the Russian military does not provide any humanitarian aid to the citizens, and Ukrainians do not welcome the occupiers “with smiles on their faces”.
Fake. Western partners became frightened and abandoned Ukraine.

According to the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council, such fake is dispersed by enemy propaganda. “This lie has been spread in order to demoralize Ukrainians and break our powerful resistance to the Russian invasion! Now the world is more united than ever! We are given weapons, ammunition, planes, financial aid! And these are the real actions that everyone sees,” the Center says in a statement.
Fake. The Ukrainian military is intentionally not releasing civilians from Mariupol.

Such fake is spread by the Russian media. In particular, sm.news, Channel One Russia, Argumenti.ru, Vzglyad, Moskovskij Komsomolets, TASS and others. However, according to StopFake, these statements are untrue. In fact, the city is being blocked by the Russian occupiers, shelling critical infrastructure and preventing food from entering the city.

More details
Fake. Edemus tags have appeared on Google maps, Russians use them as targets for shellings and air strikes.

On March 3, there was information on social networks that new Edemus tags had appeared on Google maps in Kyiv en masse, with their help the Russian military targeted artillery shelling, missiles or air strikes.

The map shows Edemus as buildings of district administrations, hospitals, maternity hospitals, kindergartens, retirement homes. In fact, Edemus is a network of funeral services. The State Special Communications Service said that the information about the "new tags" is not true and stressed that Google in Ukraine has limited the ability to add new labels to maps. The appearance of such information in the Service is called an information-psychological operation to sow panic and misinformation among the population.

Fake. Melitopol is waiting for Russia.

Such message has been spread on Russian propaganda television. In particular, RT channel broadcasts a story from March 2, in which military correspondent Murad Gazdiyev, at the entrance to the city, claimed that "it was not possible to get to the city of Melitopol, although the situation is calm." According to StopFake, the video shows the recording time—14:43. “But just at that time a big pro-Ukrainian march took place in the city and united the people of Melitopol. According to the local residents, two people were wounded by the Russian military during the march—they opened fire from the seized Security Service of Ukraine building," the statement said. According to RT correspondent, locals are allegedly wearing white ribbons to support the Russian army. But the residents of Melitopol deny it.

More details
Fake. Kherson and Vinnytsia have capitulated, they are asking to join Russia.

Pro-Kremlin media and the web spread fakes that Kherson and Vinnytsia regions have surrendered and are asking to join Russia. The head of the Kherson Regional State Administration, Hennadiy Laguta, denied reports in the pro-Russian media that say that the Kherson region is allegedly asking to join the Russian Federation. The Vinnytsia Regional State Administration also stated, that Russia was trying to spread information that Ukraine had capitulated. "But Ukrainians do not give up! No one can break Ukrainians," the Vinnytsia authorities added. The Kyiv Regional State Administration also warns of possible misinformation. The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security urged неnot to believe the fakes of the occupiers.
Fake. Zelensky called on Ukrainians to lay down their arms.

A picture where the President Volodymyr Zelensky allegedly calls on Ukrainians “to lay down their arms and stop fighting” was shared on social networks. Earlier, the Security Service of Ukraine warned that Russia was preparing a fake about the alleged capitulation of the Ukrainian leadership and government.

More details

Fake. PrivatBank warned about a fraud scheme with SMS and bailiffs.

The messengers began to spread an old fake that PrivatBank had warned about a fraud scheme in Russian. The warning said that users recieved messages from “bailiffs” about the “seizure of property” as if, after you open it, all the money would be charged off fom the card.

This message has been spreading since 2017, when similar ads appeared in the branch of the Russian “Sberbank”. It was distributed in Ukraine in 2020, when the fake was denied by the project “Behind the Ukrainian News” (“По той бік новин”).

Fake. The strategically important objects shelled in Dnipropetrovsk.

Fake voice messages have been spread on social media, with employees allegedly saying that "troops from the south plan to shell infrastructure facilities in Dnipropetrovsk." This information was shared on "Stop Fake Dnipro", the channel of the Dnipro authorities. The channel reminded that "Dnipropetrovsk" has not existed since 2016.
Fake. Belarusian pilots cannot fight in Ukraine because they died long time ago.

When Ukrainian intelligence published lists of the leadership of the Air Force of the Republic of Belarus who were involved in the shelling of Ukraine, agitprop immediately responded and said that these lists included Marfitsky and Zhuravlevych, who died long ago. According to StopFake, the propagandists claim that these people could not take part in the war against Ukraine because they allegedly died in 2009. But statements that Ukraine is creating fakes to accuse Belarusian pilots are not true.

More details
Fake. The Ukrainian military is surrendering positions en masse, their leadership has left them, and Russia has taken care of them.

According to StopFake, this is not true, because the videos disseminated by the pro-Kremlin media involved actors portraying Ukrainian military, and the same video series is used in different publications.

More details
Fake. 1000 orphans are heading to Uzhhorod.

There has been information on social media that children are moving to Uzhhorod en masse and therefore, there is a need to collect all the necessary stuff for them. In particular, mattresses, clothes, etc.

However, this is a fake, which was refuted by the Uzhhorod City Council. Children from cities where hostilities are currently underway do come to Uzhhorod, but not in such numbers. “On March 2, about 30 children under guardianship arrived in Uzhhorod by train, they went to Italy the next day. Also, 7 children from the orphanage arrived on March 3rd, they are going to move abroad as well. All children who come to Uzhhorod with their parents, without legal representatives or with them, are getting the necessary assistance: people meet them at the train station, help to settle, provide with food, etc.,” the statement says. It is added that orphans and children in foster care mostly stay in Uzhgorod for 1-2 days, and then go abroad.
Fake. Television Center "Suspilne Kherson" is under the control of Russian troops.

The Russian occupiers seized the premises of the Kherson branch, but the Public Broadcasting in Kherson continues to work and inform people. "We work remotely to provide you with information about everything happening in the region on the site and on social networks," - said said in a public statement.
Fake. Lists with the personal data of Russian diversion intelligence group members have been shared.

The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security, citing Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, warns that the "lists with personal data of Russian diversion intelligence group members" were thrown by the enemy: the list includes real Ukrainian security officers, who are pretended to be "enemies". The purpuse of this is to sow chaos so that Ukrainian defenders would fight against each other.
Fake. УкраїThe Ukrainian military uses foreigners as a "living shield".

Propaganda messages are spreading on the Internet that Ukraine is "doing everything possible to ensure the return of Indian students from Kharkiv to their homeland" because they are "taken hostage by Ukrainian security forces who use them as human shields." This was reported by the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council.

It is another fake. "Ukraine promotes the evacuation of foreigners as much as possible. Ukrzaliznytsia has organized evacuation corridors for them. The railway forms foreign groups to transport them in separate carriages, and volunteers with foreign languages ​​work at the stations. "As for isolated cases of domestic conflicts involving foreigners, they are taking place against the background of their misunderstanding of the UZ rules on the priority evacuation of women and children (regardless of race and origin) and are fueled by enemy propaganda," the statement said.
Fake. Signal messenger is hacked.

The official telegram channel of the Verkhovna Rada (The Parliament of Ukraine) denied the information about the hacking of the Signal messenger reffering to company's developer. "Messengers with end-to-end encryption are much more secure," the parliament channel said.
Manipulation. The enemy is actively using phishing on the information front.

Attackers can send files of any format (from links to videos) to any of your accounts (from mail to Viber). It's important not to open links and files you don't expect, even if they were sent by contacts you know.
Fake. Russia is installing antennas to listen to Ukrainian conversations.

Fake information is being spread on social networks that the Russian military is allegedly installing antennas to listen to Ukrainians talking on the phone.

«The enemy is trying to intimidate us, sow panic and, most importantly, silence us. After all, it was thanks to information from the population that a significant amount of military equipment and manpower of the occupier's army was destroyed. Now is not the time to be silent. We must work together to destroy the enemy as much as possible», — the State Special Communications Service said.
Fake. An old Russian fake about allegedly "the worst" virus found by McAfee agency "yesterday" was spread in Ukrainian telegram chats.

According to the open sources, this fake was distributed three times: in 2015, 2016 and 2017 in the WhatsApp messenger. We urge you not to read Russian channels and not to transfer fakes from them.
Fake. Some Ukrainian regions have capitulated and are now creating the "Federal Republic of Ukraine".

Since February 27, pro-Kremlin resources have been spreading fake information about the capitulation of Ukrainian regions and creation of the pseudo-formation "Federal Republic of Ukraine", which is allegely formed from Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Sumy, Chernihiv and other regions of Ukraine, Ukrainska Pravda reports. Earlier, the Ukrainian governmenment warned that Russian propagandists could resort to provocations and fakes, including the alleged capitulation of Kyiv.

Currently, all Ukrainian cities are resisting the occupiers. Ihor Terekhov, the Mayor of Kharkiv, says that the city will survive and repel the enemy's attack. In Chernihiv region it is relatively "calm" at the moment. The head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration Vitaly Kim reported that there are many bodies of the Russian invaders in the city, and civilians are chasing out the Russian soldiers in the region. Battles were taking place in Sumy region for several days, but no one has surrendered the city to the occupier.
Fake. Information is spreading on the internet that Ukrainian nationalists took over 20 SMM OSCE automobiles.

According to the fact-checking organization StopFake, this information is not true. OSCE Mission`s representative in Kramatorsk commented on this item to StopFake. He denied the message about SMM OSCE automobiles taken over.
Manipulation. Russian Telegram channels speculate on the news in Ukrainian mass media about the mobilization of men aged 18-60. They claim that the mobilization is compulsory, saying that all men are mobilized.

On February 24, president Zelensky ordered general mobilization. However, it doesn’t mean that everyone with no exception will be called up.
Fake. There has been information spread on the web that the Facebook page of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is fake.

However, this is not true, writes the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council. "In fact, this page was created by the Strategic Communications Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," the statement says.
In Telegram, there has been created fake channel of Verkhovna Rada (The Parliament of Ukraine)..

The parliament urged users to report on the fake account https://t.me/verkhovna_rada_ua.

More details
Message. Pro-Kremlin telegram channels spread information that Ukraine is not declaring war on Russia.

In particular, subscribers of one of such channels (“Сплетница”/the Gossip Girl) ask: "if Ukraine does not declare war on Russia, does it recognize that it is only a special operation to clean the country from the Nazis?"".

In fact, it is a manipulation. Ukraine imposed martial law and recognized Russia's aggression against Ukraine as a real war since February 24, the first day of Russia's full-scale invasion. This way, using manipulations, the aggressor seeks to shake up the situation and reduce Ukrainians’ confidence in their government.
Fake. SSU introduces new communication rules.

Security Service of Ukraine has denied fake information that phone calls would be allegedly recorded in Ukraine, and messages and calls in Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook as well.

Details are here and here.
Fake. Ukrainian rocket has hit Kharkiv city center.

In fact, Freedom Square has been hit by a Russian cruise missile of the "Caliber" class, as a result third of the building of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration was destroyed, according to Stop Fake. Despite this, information spreads throught the network that on March 1, Ukraine deliberately fired a missile at Kharkiv. Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko reports that a "Caliber" cruise missile has hit in Freedom Square. The combat radius of "Caliber" cruise missiles is about 2,500 km. There are no such missiles in the service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Fake. The Mayor of Kharkiv plans to capitulate the city.

Pro-kremlin telegram channels spread the information that the Mayor of Kharkiv Ihor Terekhov plans to capitulate the city to the occupants. To confirm this piece of fake news they share a video episode that has been cut from his speech. “Now in this situation and in the times before, it’s impossible to settle things without diplomacy. We had to get around the table and negotiate. There’s this situation but we have to find a compromise. We have to act in a way so no one is hurt.” - the video says according to StopFake. However, in this video, they cut out the beginning of the Mayor’s thought. It starts from the cut-down phrase “by agreement”. In addition to the general words like “in this situation”, “then”, “we”, “get around the table and negotiate”, “there’s the situation”, “we need to reach the agreement”, there’s no concrete information.” - fact-checkers write. That is why such types of messages shouldn’t be trusted.

Information about Kharkiv’s capitulation is fake. Kharkiv is Ukrainian city that has been under the destructive shellings of russian occupants, and by spreading fake news, the enemy wants to cause panic and shutter the situation.
Manipulation. There is no gas left in the underground gas storage sites of Europe.

Russian media outlets are spreading the information that the entire volume of gas, pumped to underground storage back in the summer, was taken away. This information is published with a reference to Gazprom and allegedly data from Gas Infrastructure Europe.

However, StopFake denies this information. "Europe's underground storage is indeed lower than usual. But the information that all the gas was taken is not true. The latest data on storage shows that in various European countries as of February 25, the volume of gas fluctuates within 20%," the statement says.
Fake. Viber chats are spreading voice messages in Russian from an unknown person, who warns that he knows from "verified" sources about a lift of Belarusian planes, which are allegedly maneuvering in Ukraine.

The author threatens that the planes are able fly to any point of Ukraine’s territory. The fact-checking project "NotaEnota" writes that such information has the only purpose—to sow panic. "That is what collaborators and invaders do when they record and distribute unconfirmed messages," the statement says.
Fake. “Farm” marks have appered on Google Maps, they are made by Russian diversion intelligence group to launch missile or bomb strikes on Ukraine.

This information is refuted by the Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council. “Farm” marks on Google Maps in Kyiv and Ukraine appered as a result of a failure that occurred in 2019. It is not related to the current war," the statement says.

It is noted that volunteers who contacted Google's office in Palo Alto reported to the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security. According to them, the marks are already being cleaned.
Fake. The delivery of chlorine in Uzhhorod will be stoped due to the war.

In Uzhhorod's city council this information was denied: "Infromation on suspension of delivery of chlorine for Uzhhorod's Vodokanal, due to what the dosage of chlorine is reduced and, accordingly, the quality of drinking water spoils, and therefore even brushing your teeth is safe only with boiled water - fake. Administration of the utility company assures: "There are enough reagent stocks for disinfection of water, in accordance with the requirements of the state sanitary norms for drinking water (DSanPIN) ", - was said in the message.
Fake. You have to destroy the so-called ground positioning devices that you see in the field—this information with photos has been shared on the web.

However, the photo shows a common device, a home weather station, writes fact-checking project "NotaEnota".

"It is not necessary to destroy them. These devices are used to measure and analyze different indicators such as air temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, since the indicators available on the Internet do not always correspond to the real situation in a particular village or town. On the plus side, everyone has become more meticulous about everything they see around. However, you don’t need to destroy everything you do not know. It is better to reinsure yourself and ask specialists. Report such cases to the police,” the statement says.
Fake. UN will evacuate Ukrainians.

Social media spread the information that Ukrainians will be evacuated by UN forces. Personal data is being asked for this purpose. The UN Development Program told the Center of Strategic Communications and Information Security that this information was untrue and false.

My name is Violet Fatima and I work for the United Nations, we would like to know if there is anything we can do to help you, from tomorrow we will start evacuating people from Ukraine on our United Nations plane. As we try to evacuate people from Ukraine to neighboring countries such as Belarus, Poland, Serbia, we have a special airspace pass, and if you are interested, write to me in my mailbox, only for people who are currently in Ukraine, for more information you you can send me a direct message or visit our website.
Fake. A headquarters was set up in Kherson to gather information on the movement of troops and equipment.

The Center for Counteracting Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine said that in the Kherson telegram channels are now spreading contacts with an unofficial message about gathering information on the location and movement of troops, equipment and more. The Center reminded that the only channel of data collection is the official SBU chatbot.
Fake. The fake information is being spread about evacuation trains to Odessa and Kharkiv.

It's being said that in order to get into the train you need to sign up for the list. Ukrzaliznytsia emphasizing: the company does not keep lists of people who will be evacuated by the railway. “Do not give your personal data. Trust only verified information!”, wrote in the office. >

Friends, an evacuation train of 25 wagons is being organized from Kharkov to Western Ukraine! Will leave tomorrow, 03/02/2022. The time will be informed today at lunchtime, because the train is not on schedule. The final destination too. Who plans to travel, please call 066-600-13-73, Ekaterina. You will be added to the telegram chat, where you will need to specify the number of people, your full name and contact phone number.
Message. Propagandists speculate on the destruction of infrastructure.

They claim that the entire infrastructure of Ukraine is destroyed. So Ukraine will not be accepted into the EU. They assure that the EU will feed Ukraine with promises, but no one will accept or give real funds for reconstruction.

Message. Anonymous telegram channels administered by Russia's intelligence services spread a conspiracy theory about the root causes of Russia's war against Ukraine.

They claim that Ukraine and the West have conspired to overthrow Putin's regime "with the help of the Ukrainian case."
Message. Propagandists spread fake information about conditions in which Russian captives are held. They say Russian captives are being held with cruelty, abused, and humiliated. At the same time, propagandists say that Ukrainian captives are held by Russian invaders with humanity.

The country's leadership has repeatedly stated that Ukraine provides all captives with necessary medical help. By spreading such a statement propagandists want to discredit the Ukrainian army.
Message. Propagandists discrediting Ukrainian territorial defense.

They spread stories, supposedly from «witnesses», who are afraid to die not from Russian invaders but from armed Ukrainian citizens. Propagandists try to reassure people about those who joined the territorial defense. They claim territorial defenders as vigilantes, who now have legal weapons. Russian propaganda machine is trying to undermine people`s trust in territorial defense and disrupt the esprit of the Ukrainian defenders.
The Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council warns that the occupiers have launched an information attack on Ukrainians, mostly seniors, using phone calls to spread panic.

“Please do not pick up the phone from contacts you do not know, especially if they are frequently repeated and displayed from different geographical points. We urge everyone to ignore such information terrorism and explain to relatives that threats and misinformation do not pose a threat to your life, but are intended solely to shake the psychological state", the Center said.
Fake. The stories about fallen Ukrainian soldiers of 2014-2020 are presented as current losses in order to undermine the fighting spiritThis was reported by StopFake.
Message. Propagandists coordinated discrediting Ukraine's application for EU membership.

They got an old manual on "external governance" and began to explain why Europe and the world will not really help Ukraine, invest money here and join the EU. Propagandists repeated the narrative of "Ukraine as a colony", saying that no one will take on foot, only pretend. The propagandists underestimate all the statements of European politicians in support of Ukraine because they explain that they just pretend.
Manipulation. Anonymous telegram channels administered by Russia's intelligence services are trying to sow doubt and discredit the Ukrainian military.

So they write that the situation with power outages and accidents at substations in Kharkiv is not so clear. Allegedly, the mayor blames the Russians for this, but anonymous telegram channels claim - "it is not clear."
Manipulation. Anonymous telegram channels administered by the Russian special services write that Ukrainian troops are mining cities en masse.

At once, they warn civilians to be careful, they say, "be careful and do not let the children go, or they will explode, and they will then say that this is a sabotage group."
Fake. Terrorists have published information about «Ukrainian troops replacing ammonia storage facilities» at the «Azot» company’s plant (Sievierodonetsk, Ukraine).

This information is another fake, according to the Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. The «Azot» company claimed that its chemical plant in Sievierodonetsk poses no threat to residents of the city and the region at the moment.

«The company has completely produced (processed) all the ammonia and cleared the chemical storage facility. Due to the start of military operations, the plant ceased production altogether: all the key workshops were shut down, and the plant stopped producing chemical fertilizers. The remains of the finished products (chemical fertilizers) as well as chemicals that were stored on the territory of the plant have been fully removed from its territory and transported outside of the Luhansk Region,» — the company said.
Fake. To save the electric power system, one should unplug all devices.

ВUkrenergo says that the Ukrainian electric power system works stably in an autonomous mode. “Same as in the past days, the network power frequency is maintained at the level of 50 Hz. All nuclear, hydroelectric and heat power stations in Ukraine are working. We haven’t lost control of any major and crucial object of the electric power system. All the objects are under increased security and safety measures. Thus, there are no reasons to forcefully or voluntarily cut down the consumption of electric power. You don’t have to switch off electronic devices in the evening to reduce the consumption unless there is an urgent need for that.”, the agency informed .
Fake. The Russian military are setting up mobile connection equipment that might interrupt the Ukrainian networks.

The Security Service of Ukraine refuted the information spread on social media regarding the fact that the Russian military are setting up the mobile connection equipment that allegedly might interrupt the Ukrainian networks, collect all the data from a phone and identify the location of a user.

More details

Fake. Russian troops will start “jamming” mobile communications in the near-front zone to launch a disinformation campaign about the Ukrainian capitulation.

The Security Service of Ukraine denies this information and says that Ukrainians have stable connection and know that its temporary shutdown might be only possible for special operations to clean up enemy diversion intelligence groups.

Fake. Separatist Telegram channels continue claiming that the Ukrainian troops regularly and against all the rules shell particular districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

This contradicts with their other point stating that the Ukrainian military stepped back further into Ukraine, without fighting back.

Detailed review of disinformation and manipulation about Ukraine on Telegram channels can be found here.
Message. Russian media and Telegram channels are speculating on evacuation of civilians.

Therefore, they have created several conspiracy theories on why the Ukrainian civilian population are not being evacuated from the cities with the life threat. Key points of Russian disinformation are the following: “no centralized evacuation means that the Ukrainian government wants the war and spends all its resources solely on the war”; “civilians are not being evacuated on purpose so that the number of deaths among civilian population is higher and Russia could be blamed for this”; “civilians will be forced to participate in the war”. In fact, evacuation of civilians in the time when a city or village is under shelling - is dangerous. Evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people under shelling and no access to shelters in an empty field impose more threat than protecting them in a city.
Message. Propagandists discredit Ukraine's intentions to negotiate peace.

They claim that the President's Office is not interested in peace and wants a "war to the last". In his statement, Volodymyr Zelensky explained: “I will say frankly, as always, I do not really believe in the outcome of this meeting, but let them try. So that no Ukrainian citizen would have doubts that, as president, I did not try to stop the war, when there was even a small, but still a chance."
Fake. . Deputy Kyva stated that the war in Ukraine was caused by “the work of the West”.

Such a statement was made by the Ukrainian people’s deputy from the Opposition Platform — For Life on air at the Russian “First Channel”. “None of us in this studio could imagine that the war would start”, he said. He claimed the day of the attack to be “the most terrible day in the history of the united peoples - Ukrainians and Russians - and said it was caused by “the work of the West”.

In fact, the war in Ukraine was started by Russia. Before that Illya Kyva has already asked the president of Russia to “help” Ukraine.
Message. Propagandist telegram channels spread information that allegedly Ukrainians feel apathy, despair and unwillingness to resist.

Such channels say that they talked to Ukrainians or received messages from subscribers. This information is not true. On the contrary, information about solidarity and assistance to those in need is coming from different parts of the country.
Manipulation. A phishing attack has begun against Ukrainians.

Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov said that the Russian FSB, under the guise of the Security Service of Ukraine, sends phishing letters of non-existent evacuation. The letters contain links to files of an indeterminate nature. Under no circumstances should you follow links, open attachments, or install anything.
The scammers have created the fake website of the «Come Back Alive» foundation.

Yet, you still can reach the official pages of the «Come Back Alive» foundation here and here.

Fake. Kyiv is surrounded and evacuation is impossible.

On the evening of February 27th, Russian media shared a fake that Kyiv was allegedly surrounded by the Russian military and all exits from the capital were blocked, making it impossible to evacuate. This information was refuted by Kyiv's Mayor Vitali Klitschko. He also said that fake social media pages of government officials begun to appear on social media. In particular, his fake Instagram account was created.
Fake. The dam that blocked the water in the Crimea was blown up.

Social networks and Kremlin media sources spread a fake video of Ukraine allegedly blowing up a dam blocking water from the Dnipro river, so that “the water went” to the occupied Crimea. The leader of the Crimean occupation administration, Serhiy Aksyonov, says that the dam was destroyed by "our military (occupiers — DM)".

According to StopFake, the video does not show the dam that blocks the water supply to the occupied Crimea. This can be seen in the photo.

The mayor of Tavriya Mykola Rizak also said that the information that the water blockade of the peninsula has been lifted is not true, as a number of preparatory works are needed for the water to flow, and none of them have been done.
Fake. In the Kyiv region, in Vasylkiv in particular, the population is getting evacuated.

Such announcements have appeared on the internet during the day. However, the Vasylkiv City Council denies this information. “The Territorial Defense Forces and Kyiv Regional Council are not evacuating the population due to the residents' life threat in the region. In some districts of the region, the situation is complicated, but controlled, because of russian occupation troops’ attempts to take over our cities and, eventually, Kyiv”, — the city council informed.

People are also asked to stay in safe places, shelters, at home. Don’t leave them.
Fake. Ukraine gives out firearms to the prisoners.

Propaganda channels in Telegram, as well as Russian sites Pikabu and Yaplakal, are spreading the document, according to which the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has issued the order to propose the inmates in Ukrainian prisons enlist in the Armed Forces of Ukraine in exchange for clemency. The document without signature or stamp is claimed to be issued by Serhii Hrechaniuk, the chief of the enforcement of sentences Department.

As reported by the Department in response to the appeal of StopFake, such a document has never existed. This is a fake aimed to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Fake. At the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the Ukrainian National Guards serve together with the Russian military.

Russia's propaganda channel Channel One filmed a staging in which it said that the Ukrainian Guards allegedly ""surrendered voluntarily without a fight and are now serving with the Russian military together"" at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The National Guard of Ukraine refuted this fake, emphasizing that their servicemen did not open fire on February 24, 2022 just to avoid threats and violate articles of the IAEA Convention, according to which nuclear power plants are not subject to military aggression.

Exposing. Ukrainians are receiving messages from Russian numbers that civilians are safe.

It is known, that Russian troops are attacking not only military facilities but also street battles, known cases of shelling of buses, ambulances, and kindergartens. Civilians are dying.

Screenshot: You are civilians, you are safe.
Fake. Energodar and Zaporizhzhia NPP were left without protection of law enforcement officers. "Pro-Kremlin telegram channels spread information claiming that the entrance to Energodar, next to Zaporizhzhya NPP, was left without law enforcement officers control. This is a lie refuted by StopFake.

Such posts say that "the city authorities dismissed all security officers, leaving only ten or twenty people from the territorial defence in their cars." But on February 24th, Dmytro Orlov, the mayor of Energodar, reported about restrictions on entry and exit to the city of Energodar. "Entry and exit from Energodar by road to Primirna is restricted as of today. Exit and entry through the main road are currently available but carefully controlled by law enforcement and the military. The checkpoint has been restored. Vehicles will be inspected and documents checked, ” he said.
Fake. "Stay safe" in Viber means that the account was hacked by Russia. Misinformation is being spread on social networks that the "Stay safe" label in Viber's messenger allegedly means that Russia has hacked into an account, that "Viber is already being listened to and read by the occupiers. " According to StopFake, the "Stay safe" label actually reminds users that they need to monitor their communication and secure transmission of information.
Fake.Saboteurs add people to groups as if to help, pretending to be local In different cities, including Kyiv and Kharkiv, people in messengers join different local groups as if to help each other. For example, in Kharkiv, one of such groups is called "Pereklychka rayoniv" (eng. "Roll call of districts") - this was reported by the People's Deputy from Kharkiv Victoria Kinzburska. "If you are automatically added to a chat called " Pereklychka rayoniv" immediately leave the group - there are half of the saboteurs, learn information about the city," - she wrote. The State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine reports about similar groups and chats: “Attention! The network is spreading information that people in Kyiv, Kharkiv and other cities are being added to chats, ostensibly to help each other. There are threats that such channels are created for saboteurs to mislead people and lull them to sleep. " Be careful about which groups you join and what you report to unknown users.
Fake.Enabled geolocation on your phone helps the enemy home-in on a target.

This has been reputed by the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine, but they still ask Ukrainians not to share publicly any media with geotags. "Android or iOS smartphones don't send the location. If you want to disappear, you need to enable the aeroplane mode. It's possible to send a message with one's location by accident, for example via Telegram or Viber. Don't share any directions or location tips on public chats. This kind of information should only be shared only in private message with someone you know, but it's even safer to share it in a telephone conversation" –, Service says.
Fake.A landing party landed on Sofiivska Borshchahivka.

Photos of the alleged landing on Sofiivska Borshchahivka are being spread on social networks. Victor Tregubov, co-founder of the "Demokratychna sokyra" party and editor-in-chief of the "Petro i Mazepa" website, denied landing. According to him, the photo shows gaps from air defense shells. "Babel" also denied this information.
Fake. Russia isn't at war with Ukrainian people. Many Ukrainians receive this kind of message from a Russian phone number. That is not the case. On February, 24th, 2022, during a video appeal President Zelensky has announced a martial law due to the Russian invasion. Russia has initiated a large-scale offensive on Ukraine and carries out heavy rocket fire on Ukrainian cities. "Russia has carried out air strikes on our military infrastructure and our State Border Guard Service. In a number of Ukrainian cities explosions can be heard. We declare martial law on the whole Ukrainian territory", – said Volodymyr Zelensky. Verkhovna Rada has supported the introduction of martial law in Ukraine. 300 deputies casted affirmative votes.
Fake. A hydroelectric power plant was seized in Kyiv. False information spread in the network that Russian troops had seized hydroelectric power plants in Kyiv.

In fact, the hydropower plant is controlled by Ukrhydroenergo. “The building of the Kyiv HPP is reliably protected from the enemy. Preparatory work is underway to possibly raise the gates of the spillway dam. If necessary, we will gradually drain the water from the Kyiv Reservoir. The staff of the station is on site and will not allow the sudden detonation of the dam. Accordingly, there will be no flooding of Kyiv, ” - Ukrhydroenergo said. The head of the company noted that there was a cross-fight yesterday, from the right bank to the left, but after the shootout Kyiv HPP resumed its work. "We are doing our job. To date, there is no threat in Kyiv to blow up the dam. I would like you to get information exclusively from official websites, ” - said Ihor Syrota.
Fake. The "Polytyka strany" channel (almost 155,000 subscribers) continuously published videos of hostilities and damage to property and equipment, apparently without verifying their veracity.

For example, they disseminated information about Kadyrov's military vehicles, photos of which are "published by Russian telegram channels, claiming that they are already somewhere in Ukraine." Such videos and posts should not be trusted.
Message. Russian propagandists are trying to discredit the Ukrainian military leadership.

They claim that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is allegedly overcrowded with agents who "transmit information about every step of the Ukrainian military." It is important to understand that discrediting the government is generally a common tactic of Russian disinformation. In this case, Ukraine's military victories clearly show that the Ukrainian military leadership is doing its job well and professionally.
Exposure. New users are actively joining local Kyiv groups on social networks. They also write direct messages in Telegram.

Readers report this to Detector.media. Such users pretend to be residents of specific houses in order to gain trust and find out how many people are in the house, where the nearest places to eat are and how to get to other places in Kyiv.
Exposure. The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) informed that the temporarily occupied Donetsk may become a subject of provocation – blowing up industrial tanks with chemicals.

It is planned to blame the Ukraininan military forces for this sabotage against the civilian population. The SBU stated that, unlike the Russian occupiers, Ukraine does not resort to such methods. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba stated that the message of Russian propaganda about the alleged possibility of Ukraine preparing an attack with a "dirty bomb" on the territory of the Russian Federation is a sick fake.
Fake. Russians continue to say that they aren't targeting civilians, that they're only destroying some military objects. At the beginning they said, that there aren't civil casualties but after massive spreading of photo and video evidences they changed tactics. Now they say that it's Ukrainian army, who's responsible for civil casualties. They conflict with their own statements, because part of the message tells about randomness, like "Ukrainian army, accidentally, mistakenly bombed a residential house". In other posts they say about treacherous ukrainian soldiers, which are ready to shell civilians just to blame Russia.
Message. Russian telegram channels are massively spreading false information about the course of the Russian war against Ukraine.

They are trying to persuade that "there is NO military success on Ukrainian side." Amid these claims, the propagandists call on the Ukrainian military to lay down their arms.
Fake. Pro-russian media are spreading the speech of Putin’s deputy Dmitrii Pieskov saying that Ukraine refused to negotiate..

This is fake. Ukraine hasn’t refused to negotiate. Zelenskyi’s spokesperson Serhii Nikiforov announced that yesterday.
Fake. False ambulance contacts are being spread in Kharkiv.

There are messages saying that instead of “103”, people in Kharkiv should use other 10-digit numbers to call an ambulance. However, this is another fake.
Disclosure. Relatives and friends of the Ukrainian military receive calls from the numbers of servicemen and are given fake information about their condition and whereabouts.

This was reported by the National Guard of Ukraine.They ask to inform relatives and friends about actions in such situations. "If there are such calls, then ask a question that only you two know the answer to, for example, the name of the kindergarten you went to; the number of the school where he studied; mother's birthday.
Manipulation. “Detector Media” readers report that unknown persons are joining the group chats of apartment buildings’ residents in Telegram and Viber.

As of now, there’s such information about several chats of residential buildings in Kyiv. It’s important to verify new members, as propagandists often use this tactics to collect information and spread fakes.
Exposure. Russia uses various and sometimes non-obvious methods in the information war. For example, Russian propaganda replaced the translation in Google to discredit the Ukrainian army.

If you wanted to translate the phrase "Armed Forces of Ukraine", you got "Evil forces of Ukraine". Team of Detector.media makes every effort to change this.

Updated: We made it ;)
Ukrainians receive fake text messages and in messengers demanding to lay down their arms and with threats.

Some of them have calls to surrender weapons, fake information that Zelensky surrendered, threats. All this is not true. The Ukrainian army does not lay down arms, Zelensky does not flee the country. The Armed Forces hold the defense. In particular, in Kyiv, according to Mayor Vitali Klitschko, the night was difficult, but there are no Russian troops in the capital. There are sabotage groups in Kyiv, there have been several clashes. 35 people were injured, including two children.
Fake. The Ukrainian military surrenders and lays down weapons.

The information that the Ukrainian army is retreating and surrendering weapons is spreading across the Internet. However, this is another fake. It was refuted by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, who published a video address to Ukrainians. "There is a lot of fake information on the Internet now as if I'm calling for weapons to be laid down and de-evacuation. So: here I am, we will lay down no weapons, we will defend our state, because our weapons are our truth", Zelensky said.
Manipulation. Russian Telegram channels are trying to prove that the devices and tags that the Ukrainian military is calling to being destroyed because the enemy is using them to bomb are not dangerous.

Anonymous reporters are trying to label everything to confuse Ukrainians about what needs to be identified and destroyed.
Fake. The city of Sumy surrendered to the enemy.

There are a lot of fakes spreading about the situation in the Sumy Region. This was announced by the head of the Sumy Regional Military Administration Dmytro Zhyvytskyi.

According to him, the military remains in the city and no one surrenders to the enemy. «Don't be fooled! Sumy and other district centers of the region are under our control! The authorities are here», he said. Zhyvytskyi also denied fake news about the poor provision of territorial defense, calls for the surrender of regional cities, and negotiations with the enemy. He added that the clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) misinformed people in the region and said that the Sumy region had surrendered to the enemy.
Fake. Chornobyl is on fire.

On February 25, a fake was spread on social networks about an alleged fire at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. Allegedly, a video of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant fire was published to confirm this fake information.

Those shots were taken from the HBO TV series "Chernobyl".

Manipulation. . Ukrainians began receiving messages from the Russian number, which is supposed to be the "official hotline of Russian forces". Russian forces have no official line; reports are being sent for psychological pressure.

Exposure. Residents of Chernihiv are warned that representatives of the military registration and enlistment office do not go to apartments and shelters to mobilize men (such cases were recorded in Chernihiv).

The Chernihiv Regional State Administration asks the city residents not to follow such people and not to enter into a discussion with them.

Fake. The war is lost, Russian tanks are in Kyiv, Zelensky must resign.

This message is spread by Ilya Kiva the People's Deputy from a pro-Russian and Eurosceptic political party: Opposition Platform — For Life, on his telegram channel. He urges everyone to be objective but claims that all the stories about the victories of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in battles with Russia are supposedly faked. He says that there are already a lot of Russian tanks and special forces in Kyiv and that they are preparing to storm the administrative buildings.

Kiva also states that "Zelensky and his mono-majority are involved in the current situation in the country." In fact, according to official data, since the beginning of the open large-scale invasion of the Russian-occupation forces into Ukraine on February 24, they have lost more than 2,800 soldiers, 80 tanks, and 516 armored vehicles. The Ukrainian military keeps the defense in many cities of Ukraine.

Fake. Ukrainian defenders of Zmiinyi Island surrendered voluntarily and without a fight.

On February 25, Russian media, including RT, RIA Novosti, Ukraina.ru, KP.ru, Lenta.ru, and propaganda telegram channels, disseminated fake information that 82 Ukrainian soldiers allegedly voluntarily surrendered their positions on Zmiinyi Island to the Russian invaders, writes StopFake media.

Propaganda resources are also spreading a fake that Ukrainian defenders have written receipts stating that they will no longer participate in hostilities. On the evening of February 24, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported , that two Russian ships had fired on the island, and later communication was lost with the island. In addition, the infidels used the international maritime communications channel to intimidate the defenders of the border — the recording of this conversation was published in the public domain. According to him, the Russians demanded that the Ukrainian border guards surrender: "I am a Russian warship. I propose to lay down arms and surrender in order to avoid bloodshed and unjustified victims. Otherwise, you will be bombed". In response, the Ukrainian defender of Zmiinyi said: "Russian warship, f*ck you!".

Fake. Ukrainian Military personnel who stop resisting will be able to get to their families without hindrance.

Such a message is sent to men in Kherson. The text also calls the resistance "unnecessary", and at the end of the message a signature is added — Vladimir Putin. The text of the message in the screenshot: All Military personnel of the Ukrainian army who decide to stop unnecessary resistance will be able to leave the combat zone without hindrance and return to their families. Vladimir Putin".
Fake. A bridge was blown up in the village of Poliske.

Korosten Deputy Mayor Natalia Chyzhevska denied reports of a bridge being blown up in the village of Poliske, Zhytomyr Oblast, near Korosten.

She also showed an undamaged railway crossing in Korosten.

Manipulation. Renat Kuzmin said that Ukraine started this war 8 years ago.

As stated in the message of the People’s Deputy from the pro-Russian party Platform — For Life, “Alexander Turchynov started the war in Donbas eight years ago, disguising it as the ATO.” In the same message, Kuzmin called the events during the Euromaidan an armed seizure of power and summed up that “we are to blame for everything that happens.”

However, the ATO in Ukraine started in 2014 not to fight against Russia, but to repel Russian aggression. Already on February 24, 2022, after a full-scale attack by Russia, the Verkhovna Rada supported the introduction of martial law in Ukraine. Three hundred People’s Deputies voted for this decision. On February 24, Ukraine severed diplomatic relations with Russia. On February 25, President Zelensky called on Putin to sit down at the negotiating table.

Fake. In the Sumy region, a bridge was blown up near the village of Bishkin, Lebedyn district.

Suspilne (national public broadcaster in Ukraine) reports: the information that is spread on the Internet about the blown-up bridge is not true. The information about the demolition of the shops of Khimprom (liquidated chemical enterprise) and other chemical companies in the region is also fake.

According to the Suspilne, the possible testing of alarm systems in Sumy is also fake. “If the civil defense siren goes off, this is no drill!" — the message says.
Fake. Pro-Russian telegram channels spread information that units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not take part in hostilities.

Such reports say that only battalions of Ukrainian Nazis are fiercely opposed. However, this is another fake, because according to official data, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting the enemy at all locations. Official information about this can be found on the website of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense.

Manipulation. Armed Forces of Ukraine started Ukrainization.

People's Deputy of Ukraine from the party Opposition Platform for Life Vadim Rabinovich claimed that Ukraine had chosen the wrong time for that. Thus, the people's deputy reacted to reports from the Verkhovna Rada that the Ukrainian military communicates exclusively in Ukrainian. "Sprehenführer Kremin should be pleased — it's nonsense that the Russians are ten kilometers from Kyiv, and the core point is that the soldiers do not speak the language of the aggressor," — wrote Rabinovich.

In fact, the message about the language of communication of the military appeared so that the Ukrainians could better identify the fighters of the Ukrainian army.
Fake. Videos and photos of the supposedly Russian invasion of Ukraine are widely spreading all around Facebook. All these attacks in the live stream are fake, says Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg, all these videos and screenshots are from the game on the military theme - Arma 3. Under the post with Arabic Arma 3 video, marked as "latest news" the author left the comment which says a live stream from the Ukrainian borders was documented by journalists.

These videos were seen by over 110 000 people and posted over 25 000 times on Facebook. Facebook deleted all fake materials after Bloomberg News asked the owner of the Facebook Meta Platforms to comment on the situation.
Fake. The Ukrainian military crushed civilians with equipment.

Pro-Russian telegram channels spread fake information that Ukrainian soldiers allegedly panicked and ran over a civilian's car with military equipment.

Along with this message, a video from the Obolonskyi district of Kyiv, in which armored vehicles of the occupiers - service members of the Russian Armed Forces - ran over a civilian's car, is being distributed.

Fake. Local authorities will test alert systems in Ukraine.

Again, we recorded reports in local groups in different parts of Ukraine about sirens being tested on February 25 at 1 p.m. There were no sirens, and local authorities denied planning such testing. We encourage you to obtain information only from official sources. Sirens sound when you need to go to the shelter.

Fake. Russia is not a threat to the civilian population in Ukraine.

The Kremlin media and propagandists claim civilian Ukrainians are allegedly not in danger during the full-scale offensive of Russian troops on Ukrainian cities.

This is not the case. In particular, on February 25, during a morning air attack on Kyiv, one of the fragments of a Russian rocket hit two residential buildings. As a result of the Russian attack, the section erupted and the house collapsed. An hour after the attack, Russia continued to bomb Kyiv's residential areas.

More details

Manipulation. A pro-Russian politician Yevgeny Muraev insists that negotiations with Russia are needed right now and in any case.

He adds that it will be a capitulation, not a negotiation, as it was necessary to agree on neutral status, implement the Minsk agreements, and recognize Crimea as Russian "eight years ago." And now, the conditions of capitulation will be stricter. Also Muraev has previously called for the recognition of the so-called "DPR" and "LPR". Now he calls Russia's war against Ukraine "trials that must be seen as opportunities".
Fake. Local viber chats are reporting that a siren will go off on January 25 at 1 p.m.

Sirens go off when there is a need to hide in a shelter. Be vigilant and check official sources!
Fake. Russian troops landed in the Obolon district of Kyiv.

Information that Russian forces have landed in Obolon in Kyiv is spreading in the network. However, the Adviser to the Head of the President's Office, Oleksiy Arestovych, denied this information during another briefing.

“"There are many fakes like that — enemy's troops landed in Obolon, Russians are already here and so on — these are simply elements of disinformation that is being carried out. There will be more messages like those. Don't trust them; use only official sources of information," said Arestovych.

Fake. Anonymous telegram channels and other messengers are spreading information allegedly on behalf of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The report says that the Security Service of Ukraine requires Ukrainians to follow the link in order to "pass the inspection".

The agency says that this link , similar to the website address of the Security Service of Ukraine, but it is fake and does not lead to its online resource. In fact, the link will prompt you to add a new device to your account. After that, the enemy will have access to all your chat history (except secret chats), and will be able to write on your behalf, - said the Security Service of Ukraine, urging not to follow the link or scan the QR code.
Fake. Pro-Russian Telegram channels, in particular @spletnicca, spread information that Volodymyr Zelensky had allegedly deceived Ukrainians and the army until the last day and banned the media from publishing an accurate picture of what was happening.

"In two or three days, we will all be surprised how our country found itself in such a situation, and it's just because Kvartal decided to have fun and lie to the end!" - said in a statement.

It is not true. After Russia attacked Ukraine, the President of Ukraine immediately imposed martial law. On February 24, Ukraine severed diplomatic relations with Russia. Ukrainian media promptly cover the situation in the country and work around the clock. In particular, on the morning of February 25, most of the Ukrainian TV channels broadcast information marathons.
Manipulation. Propagandist Tetyana Montyan spreads false information that "the Ukrainian Armed Forces should be blamed for the destruction of the residential buildings in Kyiv".

Similar information is being spread by many other Russian propagandists. They claim that the Ukrainian authorities are happy with the destruction and casualties only to be able "to shout about Putin's barbaric punishers".
Manipulation. Telegram channels spread the video message supposedly from the former member of the National Corps. He said that "his brothers laid down their arms" and spread the message which said, "We were preparing for 8 years and lost it all after 2 hours".

The press center of the National Corps denied the fact that this person had ever been a member of the National Corps. According to the press center, the National Corps didn't mention it publicly because they thought it wasn't worth such attention.
Manipulation. A phishing attack has started against Ukrainians.

Citizens receive emails with attached files of an uncertain nature. Such messages can also be sent to messengers. Under no circumstances should you follow the links or open attachments.

Fake. Everyone needs to disconnect from the power grid at 11:30 pm because Ukraine is switching to a different energy system.

The National Energy Company Ukrenergo called this information fake and officially stated that the power system was operating normall. "Nothing needs to be turned off, and no one connects anywhere at night," posted Ukrenergo's Facebook page. Similar refutations were published on the pages of regional energy companies.

More details
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