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New “normality”

Nonconformity and resistance to the Kremlin and to the Russia are interpreted as a sign of personal and state "madness." In this way, the Russians are led to believe that the Ukrainians need to be "corrected" and "saved" from themselves. Even at the cost of war and humiliation. Russian TV Review for October 2015.
New “normality”
New “normality”

Covering of Ukrainian topic after start of the TV series "Syrianash” (“Our Syria") - with synchronous about bombing "terrorists" which resist to the friendly "legitimate government" of Assad - did not change any of the dominant messages or intensity.

Moreover, anti-Ukrainian propaganda started to use Nadia Savchenko's trial to demonstrate the inadequacy of supporters of Ukraine in Russia as well as in Ukraine and in the West. In particular, "Moskovsky Komsomolets" published a report on the meeting of the Court in October 6 in which the actions of Savchenko was interpreted as "abnormal." October 7, it was reported by Ren-TV and "Zvezda” with reference to the newspaper:

 “Zvezda”, 07.10.2015

"Nadia Savchenko needs psychiatric help - such conclusion can be drawn from minutes of the hearings on her court case.

Detailed information is given by "Moskovsky Komsomolets" ("MK"). Their correspondent attended a regular meeting of the Donetsk city court of the Rostov region in October 6. There witnesses were interviewed that told in detail how Savchenko crossed the border between Ukraine and Russia.

Savchenko wasn't really worried about what was happening in the courtroom.During the court session, she was laughing a lot, blamed everyone in lies, used foul language, showed her middle finger to the prosecutor, stretched herself and walked in her cage", - "MK" writes.

According to some experts, who follow the defendant closely, such behavior indicates that with each passing day she literally becomes more and more inadequate. It is possible that her psyche strongly destabilized, and she needs the help of professionals. However, some of them believe that Savchenko can simulate madness, pursuing certain goals, such as to soften the court or to achieve concessions in the conditions of detention."

Two weeks later, the story with the “madness” received continuation in the newspaper “Vesti”. First, one “witness” of her captivity (one representing " LPR militia") described her as "Cerberus" using violent methods even to colleagues. Another one suggested that during the fight she was under the influence of drugs.

In fact, the audience is led to believe that Savchenko is crazy drug addict, who killed "militiamen" that she hated.However, neither the “militiamen”, nor the state prosecution, nor channels burdened with superficiality of these conclusions, which aren’t backed up by any facts established by consequence or by results of expertise.

It’s also worthy to note some specific general information context of such manipulations. For example, in November 9, RTR and NTV cited the words of Zurab Kekelidze - Chief Psychiatrist of the Russian Federation, the general director of the Serbsky Center for Psychiatry and Addiction - that mental abnormalities are observed in 70-80% of Russian schoolchildren. And if this is really true, if young people would “laugh a lot, blame everyone in lies, use foul language, show middle finger” it can be also considered as a kind of “insanity”. After this, how can we be surprised of actions of “punisher” Savchenko...

On the other hand, Russian television attentively follows the destiny of other “person under investigation” – student of Moscow State University Varvara Karaulova (Alexandra Ivanova), who tried to run off and join the extremist organization “Islamic State”, banned in Russian Federation. Currently, this story has no connection with the destiny of Savchenko, except one common characteristic. The girl is also considered bonkers because she “got into the psychological dependence on a virtual sweetheart”.

 “RTR-Vesti”, 30.10.2015

"The situation was commented by a psychiatrist-criminalist Mikhail Vinogradov. He said, that for a long time Varvara had not been acting at her own will. “When they recruit people, they do it thoroughly. These peoples are fully subordinated to recruiters"- he explained.

According to the expert, the consequences of recruitment are not easy to erase. He believes that “the Varvara’s soul is there” - in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. “Whatever she said: that she wants to start a normal life, that she is Ivanova now, - it's only words. Inside, she is recruited for the whole life”, - Vinogradov said.

Varvara Karaulova disappeared in May 27: she went to university, but she didn’t appear there, and she didn’t return home. In early June, it became known that a group of Russians has been detained on the Turkish-Syrian border, and among them - the student of the Moscow State University Karaulova. Presumably, the detainees were planning to join the terrorist organization “Islamic State”. Karaulova returned to Moscow in June 11.

In Moscow, on the recommendation of law enforcement officials, she changed her name to Alexandra Ivanova. However she didn’t lose the connection with the terrorists, and now this student is suspected of trying to recruit people into the ranks of IS”.

In our opinion, a clear line of state propaganda is visible here: compatriots and representatives of the "brotherly people", which - in one or another form - choose voluntarily the path of armed resistance to the Kremlin – they are mentally defective, dangerous persons under external influence (in the case of Savchenko this is USA, of Karaulova – ISIL) that direct their actions against the interests of their motherland. Such persons need to be pursued, isolated, treated and in extreme cases - killed. All these actions will be justified by well-being and safety of the state and citizens.

In fact, the verdict for Savchenko converts easily into one for “Kiev junta”, which requires her release at the highest level. Exactly this connection between Savchenko’s guilt and actions of leadership of Ukraine is what interests Kremlin from the political and ideological point of view most of all.

It’s even possible to predict that in the case of implementation of Minsk agreements in interpretation favorable to the Kremlin, Savchenko will be accused and exchanged, even in the format of "all for all". However, if Kiev does not make concessions, the trial of Nadia will be used as a matter of prosecution of “junta” in “genocide” of the “people of DPR and LPR”...

Russian television was explaining the whole October what did Minsk agreements really mean. To be more precise, TV channels were just a platform for Vladimir Putin, who systematically repeated the same message about the “real peace” in the Donbas. The meeting with human rights activists was used in this purpose (news on the First Channel and on the Channel “Russia” in October 1st) together with the business forum “Russia Calling!” (on the First Channel and on the Channel “Russia”, October 13), a meeting with foreign political scientists within “Valdai Club” (news on the First Channel, RTR and NTV, October 20-25):

  • Kyiv doesn’t fulfill the Minsk Agreements and ignore the propositions of “unrecognized republics”;
  • the main condition of the peace is direct dialogue between Kyiv and “DPR / LPR”: amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine with consent of the Donbas;
  • Russia doesn’t see its own obligations to fulfill the Minsk Agreements that apply only to Ukraine and “unrecognized republics”;
  • The United States is responsible for a coup in Kiev and for subsequent civil war in Ukraine.

Finally, the Russian president dotted all the "i" in the issue of betrayal of the interests of so-called Novorossiya. He made it clear for televiewers and members of “Valdai Club” that he would not allow anything like this and would force Kyiv to accept all the conditions of Russia.

Speakers of “DPR / LPR” actively used a Carte Blanche issued by the Kremlin to “unrecognized republics”, in the interviews and comments for Russian television channels. It seemed as though the words of Putin were confirmed by statements of separatists, and separatist’s claims were used to justify the position of President of the Russian Federation.

The essence of manipulation consists in the fact that the position of Ukraine and Western countries was not practically sounded. And if television channels quoted Merkel and Hollande, it was only to emphasize the truth of Putin and separatists with phrases taken out of context.

At the same time, representatives of the separatists articulated thesis that supported the Kremlin's official line: for example, thesis of “non-interference” in the Ukrainian crisis or of the economic recovering and the returning of refugees.

Central and local TV channels continued to broadcast reports from Donbass that testified “crimes of the junta” and the power of “militia”.

  • October 1st, “Zvezda” told that in the July-August 2015 Ukrainian soldiers who disagreed the orders were taken by the Ukrainian Security Service, “put in cars and taken away in unknown direction, and then included into the lists of missing persons”;
  • October 4, “Zvezda” reported that Ukrainian side cut electric power to “LRP”;
  • October 11, "Vesti" showed the destroyed Church of Iveron Icon of the Mother of God in the village Vesele on the outskirts of Donetsk airport, as well as “eyewitness” - allegedly resident of Debaltseve: “Petr Lysak, a resident of Debalcevo, returned to the place from which he had escaped last summer with his mother, his wife and son, the day when in a single moment he had lost a house built by his father, where he was born and at the place of which another one will be built. “Entering into a town, Ukrainians burned the city market (bazar) at once. Then they burned the houses, including ours. We left in clothes in which we fled " - says Petr. The war put production of such tragedies on the conveyor ";
  • October 14, NTV. Journalist Ilya Ushenin reports that, "according to the Republican Ministry of Defense, for the last few months more than a hundred Ukrainian soldiers have been taken dead from the airport";
  • October 19, NTV reported that “DPR” had introduced sanctions against Poroshenko and Kolomoisky;
  • October 20, “Zvezda”, with reference to the “Russian Spring”, which in its turn quoted “the residents of DPR”, reported that the Ukrainian soldiers became inveterate drunkard – division by division. Moreover, the “residents” talked that Ukrainian soldiers arrived to Elizavetovka under alcohol;
  • October 24 NTV (correspondent Ilya Ushenin) and “Zvevda” (militia headquarters deputy commander, Eduard Basurin) disseminated information about “Right Sector’s tanks”, that were allegedly concentrated in Pesky and Novoselovka and that were going to launch an attack and to break the truce.

In October, in addition to information support of the Kremlin's policies and actions of the separatists in Donbas, Russian television channels had to work on some other important topics.

At first, a great attention was paid to the media response on the report published by the Dutch Safety Board about crashed plane of “Malaysia Airlines”.

The main goal of these informational messages was to give a large number of “facts” and “expert’s opinions” in order to force the televiewer to doubt about the objectivity, thoroughness and professionalism of this investigation.

For this purpose, the Dutch investigation was inserted into the frame of events that began with a statement of the Ukrainian authorities about the involvement of Russia and “DPR” separatists to the destruction of the plane whilst the Dutch hadn’t made such statements themselves. Despite this, the authorities of the Russian Federation belie investigation of the Netherlands as biased.

 “RTR-Vesti”, 13.10.2015

“In October 13 in both Russia and Netherlands, experts presented data of investigating of causes of the crash of liner Boeing 777-200ER “Malaysian Airlines” (flight MH17). It was shot down in the air in the south-east of Ukraine July 17, 2014. 283 passengers and 15 crew members were on the board; all of them died. In the first days after the disaster, in Ukraine and in the United States “pro-Russian separatists” from DPR” were blamed without any proof.”

The First Channel, “News”, 10.14.2015, 21:00

Rosaviation strongly criticized a report presented by the Dutch Security Council on the investigation of the crash of Malaysian “Boeing” near Donetsk. There are many questions and inconsistencies. Oleg Storchevoy, the deputy head of our Federal Air Transport Agency said this a few hours ago at the press conference.

According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, Dutch commission report is not an analysis, but an adjustment of the evidence under the beforehand drawn conclusions. At the press conference, the deputy head of the federal agency was cruel in the estimates. The only thing we can agree with the Dutch - Ukraine is responsible for it had not closed airspace in the combat zone. But everything else...

 “The level of illogic in this report just rolls over. The report is not replete with facts to confirm usefulness and reliability of the investigation”, - said Oleg Storchevoy”.

Dutch investigation was actually opposed to the Russian investigation. The fact that the investigation was conducted by company “Almaz-Antey” (the manufacturer of air defense systems “Buk”, which simply (because of this fact) could not be a disinterested party) does not confuse Russians. On the contrary, it was presented as a sign of specialist’s professionalism.

Then these “experts” (the general director of Concern “Almaz-Antei” Yang Novikov and his adviser Michael Malyshevsky) declared that “the plane was shot down by the old missiles “Buk M-1”, which are already not used today by the Russian Armed Forces”. They haven’t led a proof of this, as well as a proof that the all such missiles were decommissioned and scrapped.

At the same time, channels quote the findings of the Dutch selectively.They mention only the ones which can be interpreted in favor of the Russian version: the fact that it is impossible to set the place of missile launch accurately; that the sky above the Donbas was supposed to be closed etc. At the same time, the facts that the same space (without any special precautions) was used by Russian civil airlines was ignored.

The monitoring is conducted by NGO “Telekritika” with the support of “Internews Network”.



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