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"People's Servants" started bustling. The main trends in the information space during June 1-7, 2019. Election Detector
10 Липня 2019
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ГО «Детектор медіа»
Biennale of servility from Medvedchuk's channels and “Inter”, unconditional love for Vakarchuk from Pinchuk's channels, as well as castration and anti-swearing policy. Election Detector 2.6.
The results of the presidential campaign on television. Election Detector
06 Травня 2019
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ГО «Детектор медіа»
How we fell asleep at the switch in terms of Zelenskyi, what can be done with PR in the news and concealment of ratings, whether there was a noticeable Russian information influence, whether the National Public Broadcasting Company accomplished its mission, and whether the media will rebroadcast videos.
Maidan lost Ukrainian elections. Russian news monitor during April 1-7, 2019
17 Квітня 2019
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ГО «Детектор медіа»
Maidan`s fall, divided Ukraine and preparation for the new annexation
Electing with cannibals. Russian news monitor during March 24-31, 2019
12 Квітня 2019
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ГО «Детектор медіа»
Election fraud, separatism of Volodymyr Zelensky and cannibals in the Ukrainian army
Defend Crimea from Ukraine. Russian news monitor during February 25 - March 24, 2019
04 Квітня 2019
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ГО «Детектор медіа»
What Russian TV tells about Ukraine elections, ideology and history
Banderastan. How Ukraine is depicted in Russian talk shows
01 Квітня 2019
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Ярослав Зубченко
Bandera worship, nuclear weapons, ethnic cleansing, and fraternal people. Such a multi-faceted Ukraine that has to be "liquidated as a state."
Electoral contest on television. Trends of March 2019
27 Березня 2019
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ГО «Детектор медіа»
Detector Media presents its findings for the three weeks of March based on several own monitoring of television content and also a unique monitoring of informational channels’ content from February 18 to March 15.
Funeral banquet for Ukraine. Russian news monitor during February 11-24, 2019
20 Березня 2019
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ГО «Детектор медіа»
Coup which lead to the collapse of the country and nazism. How russian shows discredit ukrainian Revolution
About whom and about what is news silent before the elections  January-February 2019
28 Лютого 2019
In English
ГО «Детектор медіа»
Tendencies in coverage of the presidential campaign in the information programs of all-Ukrainian TV channels
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