ГО «Детектор медіа»
11 Січня 2018
ГО «Детектор медіа»
«Детектор медіа»
30 Грудня 2017
ГО «Детектор медіа»
«Детектор медіа»
Річний звіт за 2017 рік
18 Грудня 2017
ГО «Детектор медіа»
While in Kyiv elites were preoccupied with in the new feuds, mutual allegations and crises, others were using old but proved methods to corrupt voters under both pro-European and pro-Russian rhetoric in their constituencies. As a result government’s legitimacy was undermined while people were given role of the silent, subdued and , majority. Report on the government’s communication policy toward Donbas in September-October 2017.
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